Sleep Aid for a Light Sleeper

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Comenext Sat 25-Jan-20 08:45:17

I am tracking my sleep pattern on my FitBit and have only just become aware just how light a sleeper I am.
If I could just increase my deep sleep and cut out the waking up during the night then the whole pattern might improve.
Has anyone tried magnesium to improve this sleeping pattern?

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MadameF Mon 03-Feb-20 20:47:27

Hello Comenext
Just found your post. I am menopausal and have no problems apart from the sleep - I sleep very lightly and have to get up to pee once or twice and have problems getting back to sleep after. I've been taking magnesium supplement (500mg) every evening and am surprised that I am now sleeping normally. Not sure if it is a placebo effect but I'm pretty certain it is the magnesium. Definitely worth a try.

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