Hairline fracture of sternum

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CuriousMumma Fri 24-Jan-20 22:49:12

Has anyone had this and could give me some advice??

My brother in law has been told he has a hairline fracture of his sternum after someone threw something at his chest.

He's in a lot of pain but wasn't given any painkillers at a&e, told to buy ibuprofen which isn't helping. He can't wear a seatbelt so is unable to drive which is annoying for him getting to work and back.

He was told if it hasn't healed after 3 weeks he would need surgery, it's been two now and the pain hasn't got better for him so we're getting worried

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AtleastitsnotMonday Sat 25-Jan-20 20:18:47

I did. It took nearly 12 weeks for the pain to ease, I took naproxen and codine.
I remember coughing and hiccuping being horrific, I literally cried with the pain. Didn’t have surgery though.

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