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Feeling dizzy and waves of nausea and 'unreality' after eating. Any ideas? Daren't go to gp..

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MyTwopenceworth Fri 31-Aug-07 13:48:46

as I have a 'thing' and find it impossible to go seek medical attention unless I have something to 'show' them
eg look at this lump, look at this rash, look at this cut....

I can't go with 'I feel' as I can't prove it.

..(I have been frogmarched to gp with non visible ailments once or twice but it really does have to be at gunpoint! grin

So any ideas why eating makes me feel almost seasick and disorientated?

I don't mean junk, I mean anything. Lunch was chicken and veg and it happened then.

liath Fri 31-Aug-07 13:51:38

Maybe your blood pressure drops after eating? A lot of blood gets diverted to the gut after eating so you're more prone to feeling faint and wobbly especially if you do something strenuous.

Mumpbump Fri 31-Aug-07 13:55:52

I was going to say low blood pressure. My sister's fiance's mum fainted after eating recently and it was down to her low blood pressure and the blood going to her stomach after a big meal...

thirtysomething Fri 31-Aug-07 14:06:44

I get this after lunch but no other meal. Cannt go long without eating or feel faint too, so find dieting so very hard. Have been tested for diabetes but have come to the conclusion I have low blood sugar but am not diabetic. It's helped slightly by following a GI/GL diet (glycaemic load) as this balances sugar levels out. The irony being that I constantly crave chocolate. The only other thing that springs to mind is a food intolerance? Please go to the GP!

MyTwopenceworth Fri 31-Aug-07 14:19:28

Ta folks. It really is the most uncomfortable sensation. Waves, dizzy and feeling like I'm dreaming, like I'm not really here. Odd, innit?! Will have a look at eating to maintain blood sugar, but I am dieting so don't eat junk and have limited carbs.

Must admit I didn't think of low blood pressure. (I am the size of a house so, naturally, tend to think if I am going to have bp problems, it'll be high, not low!) I guess it's not dangerous then, so if I lie down after eating that should be ok.

Ta again folks.

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