Dressings wont stay on armpit!!!

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CaitrionaAnne Thu 23-Jan-20 22:48:58

What advice does anyone have for keeping dressings on in the armpit? Today my bandage keeps coming off due to sweating and with an open wound, i need to keep it sterile! Does anyone have any tips? At my wits end!!

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anunseemlylovefordustin Thu 23-Jan-20 22:49:50

Tegaderm dressings have always been great for me. Maybe check if one would be suitable for your type of wound?

Fozzleyplum Thu 23-Jan-20 22:53:06

DS (18) recently had to dress an armpit wound. We bought some large adhesive dressings from the pharmacist, which adhered very well. I'll find one and post a photo.

Fozzleyplum Thu 23-Jan-20 22:55:35

Here you go. They were 20p each and we had to ask for them at the counter.

CaitrionaAnne Thu 23-Jan-20 23:04:44

@anunseemlylovefordustin Are they the ones they use when putting a canula in?

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CaitrionaAnne Thu 23-Jan-20 23:06:15

@Fozzleyplum These are the ones they use when they pack the wound but after 2 days, its starting to come off due to sweating and now im afraid of infection! My current medical tape wont stick it down!!

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AndWhat Thu 23-Jan-20 23:10:10

You need a larger dressing than you think as you need the adhesive to stick to the dry skinnier your arm or clavicle rather than in the pit.


CaitrionaAnne Thu 23-Jan-20 23:11:48

@andwhat That makes sense. I think the last nurse only had really small ones so used two of them. Ill be making sure they use bigger ones next time! Thanks

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Fozzleyplum Thu 23-Jan-20 23:14:07

With DS, we changed the dressing regularly - about once a day.

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