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Mid -cycle bleeding?

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batey Wed 04-Sep-02 06:49:06

Anyone else had this? Should I get it checked, worry, panic??? Never had problems before, am 35,2 dds, hav put on a little weight lately. Help.......?

bossykate Wed 04-Sep-02 08:34:54

batey, i have had this occasionally in the past - no problems identified. however, it would probably be sensible to get it checked out with your gp and have a smear test - just to put your mind at rest.


star Wed 04-Sep-02 14:02:15

Message withdrawn

batey Thu 05-Sep-02 15:56:21

Cheers, got appt. for next week.

nics1stbaby Thu 05-Sep-02 16:03:58


I had this 4 years ago. It turned out I need to change the brand of pill I was on.

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