Please help me through my tooth extraction decision.

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chocolatespiders Wed 22-Jan-20 17:14:12

I have been putting off my tooth extraction for years now and the tooth has now split. I have been to the dentist today and he wanted to do it there and then - I burst into tears ffs.
I have had two children and didnt need pain relief so I thought I could handle pain quite well. I think it is the thought of the pulling and the waiting for it to be done I just cant bear the thought of it.
I could pay for sedation but this feels like dead money but if it is the only way for me to get through it it may be worth it
Would you get sedated for this? Please make me see sense.
Could I be referred to a more specialist dentist from my practise?

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Hoppinggreen Wed 22-Jan-20 17:18:23

Only you know if you need sedation but when I had a tooth out I had loads of novacaine injections and didn’t feel a thing. It was an absolute relief to get rid of it at last and I wish that previous dentists had suggested it instead of patching the tooth for years.
I took strong painkillers for a couple of days and was careful about what I ate - rice is a BAD idea - and it was fine
No regrets at all

PurpleDaisies Wed 22-Jan-20 17:18:38


Personally I would try it without sedation and see. I didn’t think I could manage a root canal without sedation (I’m quite dental phobic) but when it came to it, it was fine. There would be absolutely no shame in choosing sedation though.

RatherBeRiding Wed 22-Jan-20 17:22:55

I'd try it without too. I had have a big molar out a few years ago - recurrent abcess, turned out tooth was cracked underneath a massive very old filling.

The local anaesthetic meant the procedure was painless and the sensation of pulling was over so quickly I couldn't really get panicked by it because it was done so efficiently! Honestly unless there is any added complication I would say just go and get it over with. However, the local wears off VERY quickly so make sure you have some co-codamol handy. I was a bit sore and sorry for myself for 24 hours but bounced back in no time. The relief of getting rid of that tooth was well worth any discomfort!

BentNeckLady Wed 22-Jan-20 17:24:56

I had my upper wisdom teeth out and was really worried about it it took about 5 minutes and 4 minutes and 30 seconds of that was waiting for my mouth to numb.

pinkprosseco Wed 22-Jan-20 17:27:31

I'm a complete dental phobic and have sedation for fillings. However I once had a cracked molar removed just using local anaesthetic because I was pregnant and it was really ok. Very quick and no pain just sore afterwards for longer than expected but I can handle that. I think you should do whatever you feel ok with : you could try it without and then request it if you change your mind? Good luck

Bombaybunty Wed 22-Jan-20 17:33:35

My DH had a tooth out yesterday. He had lots of local anaesthetic before the procedure. He said it was a bit uncomfortable but manageable.
He took a couple of paracetamol last night and went to work as normal today.
It really wasn't as bad as he thought.


Yorkshiremum17 Wed 22-Jan-20 20:18:54

I am really pathetic about the dentist and have now had 3 teeth pulled out. I have managed with just local anaesthetic, and a hand hold from the nurse. I have cried buckets every time but not because of pain, I think its a nervous reaction and I feel utterly pathetic, but the anticipation of having it done is actually worse than the procedure itself.

Fannia Wed 22-Jan-20 20:25:28

I've had several teeth out it's really quick, easier than a big filling or root canal. I found it healed up really easy too although you do have to be careful of dry socket. Take all the precautions against that and go back to the dentist right away if the pain gets really bad.

DishRanAwayWithTheSpoon Wed 22-Jan-20 21:11:35

Have you had an extraction before?

Its no ones favoruite experience but once you are numb it is just pressure. It doesn't hurt and most of the time is very quick, the actual 'pulling' (which is actually pushing) is over very quickly.

Theres no point paying for sedation if you could have it done under local. I wouldn't go down the route of dental treatment under sedation unless you really have to.

A lot of people are scared before an extraction, a lot of people feel like you and actually when it comes to it cope very well with the extraction. A lot of it is the anticipation and apprehension, and fear of the unknown.

It's natural to feel as you do, but that doesn't mean you need sedation. Even if you feel anxious throughout, I wouldn't say you needed sedation. I would only say go down the sedation route if you really cannot cope with treatment under local. And at least try under local first.

IdontGetIt29 Wed 22-Jan-20 21:20:28

Its honestly not as bad as you imagine,

The first time i had a wisedom tooth out i was so scared, i put it off for about 5 months because i just couldnt face it

When i finally went he numbed my mouth and the tooth was out in minutes. It was that quick that when i went back into the waiting room my partner at the time thought i was just waiting for the anesthetic to kick in!

Ive since had 2 more wisedom teeth took out and although the injections are unpleasent after that you feel nothing

Honestly, its not as bad as you think

chocolatespiders Wed 22-Jan-20 21:25:27

Thank you all for such reasurring replies I am so grateful.
I have not had an extraction before and it feels like the anticipation is the worse bit.
I made an appointment to go back in two weeks but then went to add it to my phone calendar and wimped out and asked her to cancel it.

Feel a bit better reading some positive posts so will call tomorrow and go back.

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SinkGirl Wed 22-Jan-20 21:26:20

I’m terrified of the dentist and have lived with two broken molars for years - finally got the courage to see a dentist who’s referred me for sedation on the NHS. I’ve had to wait a few months and I’ve had three infections in the last few months but I physically can’t do it. They’re going to do everything I need under sedation as I can’t even sit in the chair without panicking.

ragged Wed 22-Jan-20 21:46:47

Having a tooth pulled (local injection) was easy. Childbirth, not so easy.

Judystilldreamsofhorses Wed 22-Jan-20 22:19:05

I had an upper wisdom tooth out a few years ago, and it was like removing a lid from a bottle - I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I am not scared of the dentist, or having treatment, but I am really frightened of needles, so my lovely dentist made her poor nurse hold my hand while she did the injection, like I was a child!

I actually asked about sedation, more just by the by than thinking about it seriously, because I know it also would involve a needle. My dentist said she doesn’t generally recommend it because patients never progress through their fear/realise what they are able to manage.

Kitcat47 Thu 23-Jan-20 00:25:43

I've had excruciating toothache for 3 days now. Was at dentist yesterday and as soon as I sat in the chair I was crying. She told me I had an infection and the tooth is dead and needed the tooth out. She said she could take it out there and then but could see I was anxious and said she could refer me for sedation. I've cried with the pain. I wish I was brave to just get it out! I'm up now taking pain killers. She give me antibiotics for the infection. I'm waiting for them to kick in.

loopyloo12 Thu 23-Jan-20 00:47:24

I had a wisdom tooth removed a couple of weeks ago, i have a been sedated in the past to have a tooth out but was in so much pain I just let the dentist do it this time they numb your mouth you won't fill a thing just pressure of them pulling at the tooth and I had no pain after just a little bit sore

Kitcat47 Thu 23-Jan-20 09:41:02

Loopyloo12 how long did it take? I'm in such pain I cant cope. My mind is all over the place.

Fairylea Thu 23-Jan-20 09:43:16

I’ve had 3 teeth removed - difficult extractions. It’s not as bad as you think. I found focusing on the clock and thinking in half an hour I’ll be out of here helped!

QueenClient Thu 23-Jan-20 09:45:25

It's fine, and I have a dental/tooth phobia
Earphones and music, felt some pressure and pushing and done. Went home, took painkillers and slept for a bit. Was v proud of myself after grin despite being terrified before

Kitcat47 Thu 23-Jan-20 13:04:41

Bottled it!!

rrg1 Thu 23-Jan-20 13:22:09

I had a lower molar extracted under local anesthetic and was expecting it to be horrible, but the dentist dissected the tooth and took it out in pieces, then stitched up the wound.
I had previously had the same tooth on the opposite side pulled, with a different dentist, and it literally was pulled out, leaving trauma in the gum socket which was then packed.
Speak to your dentist about his methodology. I have no qualms about the first method what so ever, as it was far less traumatic.

chocolatespiders Thu 23-Jan-20 19:00:30

Kitcat47 hows your pain today? I hope the posts on this thread have reassured you.

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Happymum12345 Thu 23-Jan-20 20:03:03

I have a dental phobia and did not need sedation last time for root canal treatment. I found a dentist for nervous patients, called 'No Fear'. I can't recommend listening to music through headphones loudly, highly enough!

Kitcat47 Fri 24-Jan-20 10:14:01

Chocolate spiders. I'm just on way back from dentist. She has had to drain infection. Have another course of antibiotics. They cant take tooth out cause of infection. The anaesthetic wouldn't work. Should if just got it out on Tuesday. The dentist is so lovely .

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