Acupuncture and tens has made my pain worse anyone had this

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user1497873278 Wed 22-Jan-20 11:23:08

Have been trying everything for slipped disc nerve pain already joined thread and have had excellent advice and support don’t know how I would have managed without MN support . Thought I would start a new thread ad I just can’t understand the experience I have had from acupuncture and tens have done searches and I feel like it’s just me. When I have the acupuncture it stings where needles are a lot when they come out feels like they are still there for a couple of days tried it with tens machine on lowest setting just managed to get through it takes me 1-2 days for me to get back to where I was before that session bought a tens for home found it just as bad and left me in agony after setting 2for 26 mins just wondering if anyone’s had anything similar don’t know if I’m doing more harm than good or if it’s just because it’s all inflamed in there and helping it to repair just doesn’t seem to be the norm this all started in November had mri in December showing L5disc bulge pressing on nerve also everyone keeps saying you can’t make it any worse but after this I have numbness down both legs for a while not just left like usually

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StealthPussy Wed 22-Jan-20 11:31:04

Different things work or don’t work for different people. If something is making you feel worse don’t do it. What have they said about treatment? Have you seen an osteopath?

user1497873278 Wed 22-Jan-20 14:04:49

I had 3 sections with an osteopath that were absolute agony he insisted it was normal but put me back to almost the pain at the beginning I just knew it was wrong have had kids without pain relief I’m no wimp but this pain has been much worse than any labour I experienced

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PeninsulaPanic Thu 23-Jan-20 10:29:35

The sensitivity of your skin to acupuncture and the worsening of pain after TENS makes me wonder if you have fibromyalgia.

user1497873278 Thu 23-Jan-20 11:11:33

I have had on going health problems since a teenager when I was ill for Surat with inflamed joints pain exhaustion weight loss, since then I have over the years suffered pneumonia very seriously at 27 bowel problems all my life under consultant muscles just don’t work barely, it’s been years of feeling ok for a couple years at most then back down again feels like my body’s always inflamed if that makes sense always suffered severe anemia as well the list is endless docs just treat symptoms at time I feel embarrassed as I think someone will think I’m a hypercondriac as I have so many different things pleuresy I could go on even had a tooth out and dentist said my tissue knots together I am over active way I’m always being told that whatever reaction I have to something is unusual before my slipped disc after falling down stairs I had been having and still having swollen fingers on and of temperatures painful joints muscle pains 😤 I’m not one to goggle my symptoms purely because I think there would be so many things it could be 😉

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PeninsulaPanic Thu 23-Jan-20 11:17:54

With your medical history you'd be well within your rights to ask your GP for a referral to the Rheumatology dept of your local hospital. They can consider conditions like fibromyalgia that might apply to you, and you might get a diagnosis that would be useful if you needed to claim disability benefits, for example, or needed a referral to a pain management clinic.

user1497873278 Thu 23-Jan-20 12:31:17

Thank you I think this has made me finally admit that how I have lived most of my life just isn’t normal, have felt almost embarrassed really as I always seem to have something somewhere wrong, will get to docs when I can get more mobile I know I need to try and sort this

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PeninsulaPanic Fri 24-Jan-20 09:31:56

It's tough but try not to feel embarrassed, it's so important to recognise your needs and allow yourself to have them! You matter, whatever you might have been taught to believe about yourself, and your health and wellbeing deserve support. It could be really helpful to make a list to show your GP - maybe split it into a list of all the different conditions or symptoms you've had historically, then a list of which symptoms most concern you at the moment, and how your health history has cumulatively affected your mental/emotional health.

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