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High temperature for 2 days now after MMR - anyone else had this?

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Ceebee74 Thu 30-Aug-07 20:36:24

DS had MMR jab on Tuesday morning and was ok for the rest of that day but has had a temperature (38) since Tuesday evening despite dosing him with Calpol every 4 hours.

Is this normal? It is not going up or down - just remaining steady at 38 degrees. He has been sick a few times aswell.

The nurse did tell us to expect this but other parents I have spoken to had no issues.

Any reassurances would be greatly received!

Ceebee74 Thu 30-Aug-07 20:48:49


startouchedtrinity Thu 30-Aug-07 20:50:30

I'm not sure 38 is all that high. He can have nurofen as well.

RubySlippers Thu 30-Aug-07 20:51:04

my DS was fine after his
IIRC it is about 7 - 10 days after that they usually get a reaction so his fever may be due to something else
keep giving calpol and alternate with nurofen so he has somethine every 2 hours
strip him down and keep him cool
if his temp gets much higher or you are worried, call NHS direct
hope he perks up soon

startouchedtrinity Thu 30-Aug-07 20:52:58

Sorry, thought I would need to go. My dd1's temp hit 39.5 after about a week. I've heard vomiting is usual but it didn't happen with my dds. Dd2, you wouldn't know anything had happened. Ds is going for his next week.

You can ring NHS Direct now or your surgery tomorrow, the nurse at ours will always talk to mums post- vaccination.

MrsFish Fri 31-Aug-07 09:01:02

My ds had a reaction about 9 days after he had it, high temperature, not eating, and covered in a red rash. LAsted for nearly a week, not good, but he is ok now Then again I have spoke to lots of people whose dc had no symptoms whatsoever.

As someone else has said if it has only been a couple of days it is probably down to something else. BUT if you are at all worried, take him to see a doctor

corblimeymadam Fri 31-Aug-07 09:36:51

Message withdrawn

Ceebee74 Fri 31-Aug-07 12:02:47

Thanks for all this advice - had an appointment at the doctors this morning for me and I mentioned it to him - he said that it is unlikely to be the MMR as (you all rightly said) this usually takes a week -10 days.

So I guess it is just a bug - but he was slightly better this morning so maybe things have turned the corner smile

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