Clicky big toe .

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CottonSock Mon 20-Jan-20 21:16:06

My big toe seems to painfully pop out of alignment / dislocate. Normally dh can put it back for me (medical) and it's sorted. He hates doing it!

This weekend he was at work and I couldn't put the bugger back at all. I can't do it myself despite using a similar technique.

Two small kids on my own so didn't go and be seen at hospital. Hobbled about at home all morning and kids needed to get out.
So forced myself to walk on it wearing big solid boots. It worked and it must have popped back in. Goes from unable to weight bear on it, to almost 100% fine. Next day now and it's 100%.
So it's obviously something that is very accute.

Saw a private podiatrist who said eventually it will all fuse. No futher advice.

It's likely to get worse though and I worry about it happening when inconvenient. It also stops me swimming as I'm worried to push off wall. It can happen if I'm just in wrong position. Teaching myself slowly to not crouch etc.

So any solution or similar stories?
Apologies for the toe essay.

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