Diverticulitis buring sensations

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MG2020 Mon 20-Jan-20 17:59:52


I had these symptoms on and off for over a year and had a colonoscopy
Around August 2019 and diagnosed with this condition. Was given Fybogel and Buscopan and it was eased for a while. Since Dec last year buring, etc got worse, usually after eating but then before and especially when sitting on sofa but not when lying down. Bowel movement helped but not for long now.

Has anyone else got similar thing going on for weeks?
I have a hiatus hernia and severe acid reflux as .

Went to docs today given antibiotics and stool test kit meds over 7 days 3 times a day.

Burning and some pain mainly left side can radiate towards groin/lap.


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MG2020 Mon 20-Jan-20 18:02:08

Sorry, the symptoms were/are burning sensation before and after eating, sitting down but not get them lying down.
Got worse last few weeks.

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sister1 Wed 22-Jan-20 23:10:59

I would go back to your doctor and explain that as you have been diagnosed with diverticulitis that stool kits are a waste of time. If you are having a flare up of this condition then antibiotics can work to control the flare up of the condition but you will need dietary advice and more to prevent more flare ups.

I was diagnosed with diverticulitis around 5 years ago and am awaiting a second colonscopy to see if I might need an operation on my large bowel. I was admitted to hospital last September with the condition as had a perforation on my bowel caused by the diverticulitis. I had to be in hospital for 4 days where the perforation was kept under control but am still awaiting an appointment for a another colonscopy to compare it to the first I had. My local hospital seem to have lost me in the system as they are a very busy place and I'm a bit worried as getting a few more symptoms that I didn't have before i.e. nausea and absolutely terrible constipation.

As you have a hiatus hernia and acid reflux I would guess this is all connected but really hope you get it sorted.

frogsbreath Wed 22-Jan-20 23:12:58

My husband has diverticulitis and hernias and acid reflux. He has improved since starting a high fibre diet and taking amytrptyline (not sure about that spelling) to slow down the passage of stools.

MG2020 Thu 23-Jan-20 10:56:14

Thank you both, very helpful.
What makes the buring better, anyone, please?

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