Anyone else have a never ending cold?

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riotlady Mon 20-Jan-20 07:06:40

I’ve had this cold for 2.5 weeks and I feel awful! At first it was a regular head cold, then it felt like it got into my sinuses and my whole face was in pain, loads of awful thick green snot. Then I had terrible ear ache, now my ear is still blocked and deaf and I’ve got a cough that makes me cough til I vomit. When will it be over??

My partner keeps telling me to go to the doctor but don’t want to waste their time :/

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Judystilldreamsofhorses Mon 20-Jan-20 11:16:12

ME! I started it on 21 December (I teach, so it waited until the second I finished for the holidays, then GOTCHA), was in bed for almost a week - we had to cancel Christmas dinner which we were supposed to host - and am still not well now. I am so mucus-y, and when I lie down to sleep it all drains into my throat and makes me cough. The best thing I have found is a night-time cough mixture which has a slight sedative in it, so if I wake up coughing I have a few sips of water, blow my nose, then take a dose of that.

I had a consultation with a pharmacist a couple of weeks ago who said loads of people have the same thing, and that there was no point making an appointment to see the doctor because it's viral.

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