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Premature Menopause

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looneytune Thu 30-Aug-07 16:52:02

Anyone know anything about this?

I'm waiting for a blood test result to let me know if I've started the menopause (I'm only 31 and desperate for another baby) but have been told that even if the result is clear, I could just start with no warning as the test can't predict if it's going to happen in say the next year (family history - mum, grandma and aunty - mum was only 29).

Don't know what I want to know really???? Just feel I don't know enough about it and of course would love to know if there's anything I can do to help reduce the chance of the same happening to me.


andiem Thu 30-Aug-07 19:13:56

Hi looneytune I have premature ovarian failure but am a bit older than you. I was diagnosed when I was 38 and trying for number 2. Basically what you can do depends on how high your follicle stimulating hormone levels are, the higher they are the more menopausal you are if you know what I mean.

If they are very high then it will be very difficult to conceive again sad. We ended up having egg donation treatment in spain as I wasn't going to get pregnant again naturally but my levels were very high when I was diagnosed (84). You can take some vitamin/natural supplements to bring the fsh level down if it is not too high but I can't remember what.The people who do this sort of treatment are Zita West and Marilyn (?) Granville I saw Zita West privately which cost £150.

My advice would be to have a consult with a fertility specialist at a private feriltity clinic if you can afford. They are much more experienced with this than the nhs imho.I went to the lister in Chelsea and they were fab and helped me with my treatment in spain.

Hope I haven't scared you too much your levels may be a lot lower than mine which means you may be able to conceive naturally again.

looneytune Fri 31-Aug-07 00:01:10

Thanks so much for that info, everything helps atm as I have no idea! I'll make sure I find out everything about my results when I get them next week. Dr just said if I've started menopause early then my chances of conceiving drop dramatically, nothing gradual, that's it. Been a bit emotional today and just feel I NEED to know everything about it all as I'm fully aware that the NHS don't always know everything!

Thanks again for your advice

andiem Fri 31-Aug-07 09:07:17

I was the same looneytune I conceived in the may but had a miscarrisge and by the august I had no periods I thought I was pregnant ha! and that was it my fsh was 84 so no more babies it took me about a year to get round to the idea of egg donation but now I have my lo I am so happy grin and the fact that the eggs weren't mine doesn't even occur to me now

looneytune Fri 31-Aug-07 09:53:50

That's just terrible, you must have gone through a year of hell Can I just ask something as I have absolutely no understanding of any of this stuff.......what is 'premature ovarian failure'? All I know is the family history of premature menopause. Mum had me then my brother & sister (twins) and then at 29 her periods stopped and she was worried she was pregnant again but when they did a blood test, they said no, she'd started the menopause. This was ok for her as she didn't want more children but I'm so so desperate for a baby brother or sister for my son and he keeps going on about it too. He's 4.5 and I'm a childminder who has babies here everyday. He absolutely adores the 2 I have atm as they started so young (the 8 month old started at 7 weeks old and was 5 weeks prem so very small and the 6 month old started at 8 weeks old). He loves them coming but gets sad at weekends when it's just him again I just hope I am able to give us all what we want as a family! Feels really strange to be 31 and be given a booklet called 'living with the menopause'. I've read it and understand bits but it's not the info I want. I suppose it's geared to majority of people who are a lot older than me and just want to cope with all the symptoms you get. I personally want to know how it affects fertility and what options I have and it doesn't have this info. Suppose I'll just talk to the Dr IF this result or a future one shows it's started. Although my problem is I like to know EVERYTHING and NOW!!!

I must admit it really upset me the whole thought of donor eggs but this is all very new to me and I'm actually happier after seeing your message about finding the idea hard for a year but now you're fine - very reassuring!

I really don't have a lot of time to decide what I want to do IF I have to look at options. I know I'm only 31 myself but dh is 46 and we've both agreed we don't want to leave it longer due to his age.

Anyway, I feel like I've just rambled on again but it does help so thanks for letting me

aloha Fri 31-Aug-07 09:58:53

Hi premature ovarian failure is just another term for premature menopause. Sorry you are having to deal with this. This organisation - - is a specialist support group for women with POF set up by women who have had it.

looneytune Fri 31-Aug-07 10:06:43

Thanks so much. I've seen POF mentioned on the conception board and I had no idea that it was this! Great, thanks for the website. I'm one of these people that can deal with things better if I have the information but until them, I'm an emotional wreck!!! blush

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