Steroid Injections for RA

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Skap Sun 19-Jan-20 16:11:15

I have RA which has been reasonably well controlled for a few years on hydroxychloroquine.
I had to stop taking it in September because I was starting chemotherapy for breast cancer. Now the chemo has ended my RA has flared up badly. I have started the hydroxy again this week but it takes a while to kick in.
Meanwhile I hurt all over and the fatigue is dragging me down. Just as I had hoped to feel better after the ordeal of chemotherapy I feel worse.
All the Rheum nurse could offer was a steroid injection. I instinctively said no as I've been pumped full of steroids for 3 months but I may have to say yes as I'm getting desperate.
Anyone with experience of these injections? Any side effects? How long do the effects good or bad last?
I did post on auto immune but not much traffic there.

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arionater Sun 19-Jan-20 20:19:42

Hello skap. Yes I've had these a few times. The procedure is not very nice and the joint often feels worse initially because the pressure inside is increased but I do find they help a lot. I've had my wrists done quite a few times over about 15 years. I once had a shoulder one too which didn't help as much but I think the probs I was having weren't entirely from inflammation in the shoulder joint so that's probably why. Which joint are they going to do? Do you have other questions?

Skap Sun 19-Jan-20 21:41:41

It's not any particular joint its an injection in the bottom, presumably intra muscular. All my joints/ bones hurt, I ache all over. It's a familiar feeling and has been mostly controlled with hydroxychloroquine. When I do get a flare its never been this bad before. They offer the injection to help until the medication starts to work.

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Skap Sun 19-Jan-20 21:44:55

@arionater, thanks. The steroids I had on chemotherapy prevented sleep. That's manageable for a day or so but I would hope for more than a couple of days relief from the injection.
Am currently taling ibuprofen every 8 hours which helps but not for long and doesn't help with the first thing in the morning pain.

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arionater Sun 19-Jan-20 23:17:34

Oh I see yes that's different. I've not had a general steroid injection for RA though I was on steroids in my last pregnancy. I did find the joint injections I had helped for a long time - a good few months - once the initial discomfort settled down but obviously that's different from a general injection. Hopefully someone else will come along who's had exactly what you're asking about!

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