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poorly again after tonsillitis

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leechy1426 Thu 30-Aug-07 15:27:54

My 8 year old son has just got over a mild bout of tonsillitis, but just a week later he's complaining of feeling tired, his appretite is down and he just 'doesn't seem right'. Could this be a temporary post viral problem or should I take him to the doctors. What's worse he keeps saying he's fine!

NormaStanleyFletcher Fri 31-Aug-07 00:08:03

Sorry - only just seen this.

I used to get it 3 times a year, and it really wiped me out for a couple of weeks afterwards.

Everybody seems to think it is just a sore throat but it is knackering!!!

See how he goes and take him next week if he isn't better smile

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