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Bramble88 Sun 19-Jan-20 10:35:49

I guess im just looking for some advice and support. I found a lump in my breast and my armpits are swollen,I guess im just worrying.

I have an appointment tomorrow for a scan but im just scared, i had my daughter 10 months ago and im just thinking the worse.

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Eve2020 Sun 19-Jan-20 13:33:37

@Bramble88I was going to say try not to worry but realise how patronising that must sound , as of course you are worried , who wouldn't be . However, you have put in place everything possible to help get to the bottom of what's causing it, and I am hoping and praying by this time tomorrow you will have answers and your mind put at ease. For today, try if possible to put it out of your mind. Or, alternatively ,allow yourself say 30 minutes to fret and worry about it, then try and forget about it until tomorrow . Enjoy that beautiful daughter of yours and hoping everything goes well for you . You are very sensible getting it sorted , lots of women would be in denial and put off getting help. You are not only sensible but brave and courageous too . Take care

lilgreen Sun 19-Jan-20 20:23:45

I understood the worry- been there twice. Mine were benign and chances are yours is too. This time tomorrow I hope you will be smile

lm753 Sun 26-Jan-20 16:33:35

I'm going through the same thing at the moment. Have my appointment tomorrow at the breast clinic. How did you get on? X

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