Wisdom tooth

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Upthetempo33 Mon 20-Jan-20 18:33:17

Hope you’re ok OP

Upthetempo33 Mon 20-Jan-20 18:32:51

I went this morning
Gave me antibiotics(which I just remembered I forgot to get!) and cleaned out the affected tooth/gum.
I’m due there on Thursday anyway, so I’ll have a proper chat with my usual dentist then about the best way forward
Luckily, my face is almost back to normal!

EurghRedface Mon 20-Jan-20 03:40:32

Go to the dentist! I avoided having two wisdom teeth out as I was pregnant with my son. He was 10 when I finally got round to having them out! They were stuck, obviously and growing in sideways

Upthetempo33 Sun 19-Jan-20 05:38:32

I’ve just come on here to post similar.
My bottom left wisdom tooth is coming through-has been for about a year! It’s given me grief once or twice but this is something else!
Started hurting a bit yesterday but I’ve been awake all night with the pain. You should see my face, too! Look like there’s a golf ball in my cheek!
I’m away at the moment too. Think I’ll head home today and beg a dentist for mercy!

Cr20 Sat 18-Jan-20 12:52:54

Hi guys!

I've been on holiday since the 1st of January and from Thursday last week my bottom far right gun has been in agony and swollen. I have earache and a burning sore throat and feel generally run down not being able to eat as much so think it might be infected. I leave on Tuesday so can't even get an appointment until I'm home.

Does anyone know exactly if is sounds infected or anyone had this kind of experience with their wisdom tooth coming through. It's such an unpleasant feeling 😭

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