Blood clot at canula site

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Davros Wed 15-Jan-20 23:20:28

I had two GAs a week ago, in hospital from Tuesday to Saturday. I went for follow up appointment today and going again in a week's time. I've just noticed a blood clot under the skin on the back of my hand where the canula was. It's not hurting and I want to go to sleep now. Should I worry about it, do anything tomorrow or wait until next week?

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CherryPavlova Wed 15-Jan-20 23:33:27

Superficial clots or bruises are not a problem at all. The risk you are thinking about are clots in the deeper veins that can detach and travel to the lungs. You can’t see the deep vein thrombosis. If you had two GAs your risk of DVT would be assessed and you might have been given an anti-clotting injection in hospital.

Davros Thu 16-Jan-20 09:29:03

Thanks for that. I had the second GA to drain a haematoma and had the injections and Flowtron boots. I won't worry about this then. I've got a friend coming round later who has been a registered nurse for nearly 40 years, I'll get her to have a quick look. Then we can eat cake which I'm sure will help

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