Teeth : Bridge canal / internal bleaching on front teeth

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lmnoh Wed 15-Jan-20 15:23:13

When I was younger, I very badly fell over and my 2 front teeth suffered some trauma.

It's only now, 30yrs on, that I'm beginning to notice that the teeth are becoming discoloured.
I've have several xrays, and the dentist says that I would need root canal work on the teeth and then could possibly have internal whitening.
As the nerves to the teeth are also damaged, no sensation to cold, I'm wondering how successful the whitening will be before I spend £xxxx in the procedure as this work isn't available on the nhs.

Has anybody any experience of this ??

Thank you !

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lmnoh Wed 15-Jan-20 15:29:59

The title should read Root canal ;-)

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