Blood on poo. Very anxious

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Somethingsosimple Wed 15-Jan-20 14:38:22

I’m going to the drs tomorrow so I’m not looking for anyone to diagnose me but more of hand hold. Saw blood a few months ago on poo but convinced myself it could be piles and used some cream. I can’t feel anything but presumed it might be internal.It seemed to help. But for the last few weeks I can see stringy red blobs on my poo.I don’t have anything when I wipe. I’m now convinced it’s something serious and I’m in a right state. I’m taking sertraline anyway for anxiety. Any calm words much appreciated.

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MiseryChastain27 Wed 15-Jan-20 14:43:58

Please don't think the worst because it could be any number of things! Internal piles and fissures are far more common than the nasties. Have you had any other symptoms? Great that you're going to the doctors hopefully they can put your mind at ease.

hannah1992 Wed 15-Jan-20 14:46:51

Like pp said, try not to think the worst. Might be tmi bit is your poo quite hard? Red blood suggests its fresh so a problem further down like piles or fissures. If your poo is quite hard and compact it can tear the inner wall on it's way down

DoloresTheDonkey Wed 15-Jan-20 14:50:06

Your Gp will take you seriously. They will ask a number of questions about frequency and what the blood looks like, colour etc. They'll probably do an internal to check and ask for a sample.

They should also do a referral for a colonoscopy as a rapid access one but don't be concerned, they just have to be thorough.

When you have the colonoscopy done they usually take biopsies and when I had one they to.d me there and then that they couldn't see any evidence of inflammatory bowel disease or cancer.

So try not to worry too much, you'll get answers quite rapidly. But make sure you tell the Gp any other symptoms like fatigue, aching or painful joints.

Somethingsosimple Thu 16-Jan-20 15:08:04

Thanks so much for replies. I went to my GP this morning. She examined me and couldn’t find any definite piles, but internally could feel some congestion that could indicate internal piles. No bleeding examination. She is sending me for a sigmoidoscopy, which I’m dreading. Not the procedure exactly but what they might find. She also gave me ointment to use in the mean time.

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GVR0510 Thu 16-Jan-20 16:11:41

Try not to worry! My husband had something similar - he was referred for further investigation within 2 weeks. They checked using a camera and told him it wasn't anything sinister but piles!

SquashedFlyBiscuit Thu 16-Jan-20 16:16:13

I get this occasionally but its usually when Im constipated/big poo so havent been in to the dr as its fresh blood. But its certainly scary to see!

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