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BeTheRabbit Tue 14-Jan-20 18:00:49

I keep myself clean - shower everyday (wash myself twice), wash with wipes when I go to the toilet, clean underwear, use femfresh spray, and still maybe an hour or so after showering I have a smell down below.. Not a yeasty smell or strongly unpleasant, just a bit stale. It's very frustrating, what am I doing wrong?

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Gingerkittykat Tue 14-Jan-20 18:06:50

Stop using anything scented or artificial on your genitals, including moistened wipes.

See your GP if there really is a bad smell that continues, all that washing could have upset the balance down there.

BeTheRabbit Tue 14-Jan-20 18:08:16

It's not a bad smell (not a thrush smell, and I imagine not bv), just a stale smell.

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ThunderGarlic Tue 14-Jan-20 18:50:49

If you think there's a medical issue, obviously best consult a doctor or nurse.

If not, there's simply too much washing, wiping and spraying going on - apart from a quick rinse with the shower leave it all alone!

IAmNotYourSlave Wed 15-Jan-20 10:03:14

Is it semen?

79abbot Wed 15-Jan-20 10:10:11

You may have Bacterial Vaginosis. I believe Caneston do a self-test kit. Caneston (and other companies) do internal gels, which help with the smell.

BeTheRabbit Wed 15-Jan-20 18:59:56

I don't think it is bv, as it's not a nasty or fishy smell.

It's definitely not semen confused

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cakeandchampagne Wed 15-Jan-20 19:08:56

Are you sure it’s you? It might be the “clean” underwear that hasn’t been washed in hot enough water- especially synthetics.

itbemay1 Wed 15-Jan-20 19:23:31

You're over washing/wiping. Stop all the washing and sprays for a week and just wash with plain water and see if the smell is still there, if so go to the nurse at your surgery for some swabs

BeTheRabbit Wed 15-Jan-20 19:39:36

The underwear is cotton, but it is washed at a low temperature.. It smells clean before I put it on though.

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BercowsFlamingoFlownSouth Wed 15-Jan-20 19:44:33

One of the doctors I used to work with cursed the existence of femfresh products for causing problems like this. Stop using wipes and sprays and your genitals will be much happier.

Swife Wed 15-Jan-20 23:19:02

@BeTheRabbit Our bodies are great in such that our vaginal area has the uncanny ability to clean itself. If you clean too much and use all these manmade cleansers in that area you run the risk of throwing off the natural pH by killing the natural bacteria you need in that area causing smells, and even chronic yeast infections. I agree with the others here that you should see your GP, and I would put money on it that he tells you the same. You should try to use unscented soap, wash there a little less and STOP using those wipes. Find natural ways to restore your pH there. Oh and NEVER douce.

I only know this because I was a chronic cleaner and couldn't understood why I kept having yeast infections 😕. I thought I was doing right because of all the things(athletics and such) I did throughout the day that made me feel like I needed to shower.
Hope this helps

Ginfordinner Wed 15-Jan-20 23:24:21

And wash your underwear at higher temperatures.

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