Itchy Lower Legs- Running Out Of Options- HELP!

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KcEliMa Tue 14-Jan-20 09:07:54


Hello all!
I hoping people might be able to help/ share their experiences etc.

18months ago, I made the worse decision ever by opted for a leg wax. From that, I had folliculitis, which was awful! Even once the infection eventually cleared, I was still left with insanely itchy skin. It took 6 months for me to finally get to see a dermatologist who said that I just needed to find something that worked on Re-moisturising my legs as they’ve lost moisture and become incredibly dry. I found a combo of petroleum jelly and e45 cream worked. That was last January and that combo worked right up until November, where out of the blue, the folliculitis returned. After 7weeks and 3 courses of antibiotics, the infection finally went, but again I’m left with incredibly itchy skin.
The old combo of PJ & e45 no longer works and I’ve actually realised/believe that I’m now, suddenly, allergic to e45!! Application of it causes my skin to itch, burn, prickle, swell, and I’ve even had a pustule-ulcer type thing appear. I also have an issue with circulation in my lower legs that not helping and apparently causing some of the issues with my itching (dermatologist mentioned it last year, I’ve noticed it more much recently).
It’s not as simple as stop using the e45 though, as now I cannot find an alternative.
I’ve tried Aveeno skin relief lotion, Aveeno Dermexa cream, Cetraben cream, Vaseline repair lotion and a Tesco own brand lotion. Petroleum jelly still seems to help slightly but not alone, I need to top it with something. I’ve been using the Vaseline but that’s making my skin prickle too.

I don’t know what to do or try. There’s obviously something in these lotions and creams that’s affecting me. I can’t afford to keep trial and error-ing.
It’s also really affecting me and how I feel.
I feel so low.
I can’t take my mind off my legs and how much they burn/ itch/ etc.

Has anyone had anything similar and found some kinda miracle cure?? Please?sad

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