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Lollipops687 Mon 13-Jan-20 13:28:37

So DH went to GP with fairly obvious symptoms of UTI although has never had anything like this before. He was given ABs which have seemed to do the trick and thankfully DH is a lot better. GP did say that it was very unusual for a man of his age (34) to get a UTI and there has been some talk about referring him for further tests/investigations. I’m quite worried about this although making an effort to hide it from DH. He was quite run down and generally stressed before it happened due to various work/family issues going on, so I reckoned it was due to that. Does anyone have any experience of this? Can a UTI in a man be just a UTI and nothing more serious?!

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rslsys Mon 13-Jan-20 14:02:19

I suffered for a while with repeated UTIs. Finally diagnosed with an enlarged Prostate which meant I was not emptying my bladder fully. Successfully treated and now no further issues.
Random occasional UTI's are not uncommon in men, just not as prevalent as they are in women due to the difference in plumbing.

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Mon 13-Jan-20 18:38:49

My son's have both had a UTI in the last year, one is 18 the other 33, the older one was sent for a CT scan as he had a testicle torsion last year but nothing was found.

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