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CrazyBubble343 Sun 12-Jan-20 23:51:04

I wondered if anyone could give me some advice?!

I'm 24 years old and I'm a single mum and I'm frightened to go home as my neighbour upstairs drinks a lot and the other night when I was just about to go out for a cigarette he came in with blood all down his face and that made my anxiety hit sky high, I was sick that night and the next night and I hardly slept, whenever I tried going to sleep I would be sick but anyway because of that night I'm petrified to go home, whenever I go home I start crying and just want to be at my mums.. I've been staying at my mums for a week now as I'm too scared to go home and I've told my landlord that I want to move and all she says is keep bidding on locata or try homeswapper, I really don't want to live where I am anymore.. i am even petrified to have my son on the weekend as of whenever my neighbour is drunk he starts shouting in the hallway and keeps going in and out of the block.. I am in a 1 bed ground floor flat, currently looking for a 2 bed so my little boy can have his own room.. I really don't want to be there anymore 😭😭😭

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