TMD/TMJD any other sufferers that can offer advice?

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Orangeshark Mon 13-Jan-20 15:03:44

Tmd/j is basically when you overwork the jaw muscles, it's a symptom of a 'habit'. If you clench your teeth it's lkie your jaw muscles are at the gym and constantly working out. They will be sore.

It is almost always caused by clenching/grinding of the teeth or habits like nail biting/pen chewing.

Basically you need to a) find the habit. And b) stop the habit

Which is hard. But until you stop the habit your symptoms won't go away. It's not something that most of the time you 'treat', you just have to manage the symptoms.

The nightgaurd is designed to firstly protect your teeth and secondly stop clenching/grinding at night.

However it might be clenching during the day etc. Not necessarily nighttime grinding. Your dentist is the best bet and they should be able to run you through what's causing it. Ways of habit breaking and management of symptoms.

I would stick to a soft diet, avoid anything like chewing gum as well. Use of ibuprofen/voltarol gel on the muscles to manage the pain but ultimately you need to stop the clenching/grinding.

ILookAtTheFloor Mon 13-Jan-20 08:15:48

I have this too, it's almost as though I've lost the ability to relax my jaw. The default is clenched.

I've recently found out I have hypermobile joints which explains so much, TMD/J is more common for those with hypermobility. The dentist gave me some exercises which may have helped a bit. I get it worse right before my period--joints are more lax at that point in the cycle.

beentotheotherside Mon 13-Jan-20 03:00:49

That's so weird it's almost identical symptoms! I need to go for follow up too as it's still feels the same and they asked I go back if things don't improve which they haven't. My throat hurts when I open my mouth to eat. It's all on your me side only.

I'm thinking of finding a specialist but not sure where to start. I clench all day long too. It's not something I was aware until recently. I carry a lot of tension in b my jaw. The dentist gave me amounts guard a few years ago for grinding my teeth at night, so I'm going back to discuss it and hope they can shed some light on treatments. I'll keep you posted!

Rioux94 Mon 13-Jan-20 00:14:43

Hi Been, sorry to hear that you can relate!

Coincidentally, I also had what was thought to be a lump in my neck. GP felt my throat and thought it were enlarged lymph nodes so after 3 loads of antibiotics that did nothing she referred me on the 2 week pathway for a scan. I'd had it so long there were concerns about lymphoma. I had the scan which revealed perfectly normal lymph nodes, so my guess is that it's inflammation related to the TMD!

I need to go and see her for a follow up really, but once the main nasty was pretty much ruled out I just plodded on and dealt with the symptoms attributing it all to the TMD. I've joined a few groups and found that most of us have the same symptoms and throat lumps aren't too uncommon, sadly.

I also think mine is from clenching and grinding my teeth. I've caught myself clenching alot in the day since I've made a point of watching out for it, had no idea this was something I did subconsciously until recently when my dentist said my back teeth show signs of bruxism.

I'm interested in the hypnosis so I'll look into that thank you smile

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beentotheotherside Sun 12-Jan-20 22:54:40

I have this I think and it started with similar symptoms - sore throats and ear pain, as well as
a lump in my neck. I had 5 courses of antibiotics and was then referred to the ent who ruled out cancer with an MRI, although my vocal cords are inflamed.

I've now got pain in my jaw and neck. Thinking about it I think it's from clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth. I've been doing some relaxation techniques/hypnosis which are helping a bit. Will be watching with interest.

Rioux94 Sun 12-Jan-20 19:24:13

I've had TMD for the past six months, it started with throat and ear pain which I thought was infection (it wasn't) and then evolved into both of those plus cheek, temple and neck pain. Very sore and stiff jaw that crunches and clicks. I also get vertigo and nausea as a result of t

I have a night guard made by my dentist but unfortunately it's not helping. I can't afford regular accupuncture or botox despite hearing that they help.

Does anybody here have this and can offer any suggestions as to what (affordable) ways I can help myself?

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