Husband diagnosed with Crohn's disease

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Missushb Sun 12-Jan-20 18:16:07

Hi all, any advice on this, I know all sufferers are different; my DH was diagnosed in November; only saw a specialist follow up on Thursday, I don't think he realised how serious it is until then. He's very tired and super cranky! I am obviously extremely sympathetic but he has been very cranky short tempered and I know it's no wonder what with feeling crap and being knackered, just wondering if things get better?

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SummerPavillion Sun 12-Jan-20 22:23:56

I'm sorry to hear about his diagnosis.

I had colitis, a different IBD, and was extremely ill for a long time to the point the hospital offered to admit me. At no point did I lose my temper with anyone, least of all dh, illness is not an excuse. It's completely illogical for a start - if you're low in energy why waste it on anger? Plus it's not your fault. Also presumably he needs your support right now.

Incidentally - and this is NOT the standard medical advice - but I recovered (after trying loads of things) by cutting out all grains and dairy. Tell him to avoid gluten at the very least.

Horrible horrible disease flowers

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