Always sick - parenting has got relentless

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kirstywursty012 Sun 12-Jan-20 18:14:22

Hi all,

I’m now suffering with a second vomiting virus within a month. My 1yo started nursery last month for two days per week so I could build my business but I’ve just been constantly sick since she started.

Although I can soldier on through the colds... it’s the vomiting and stomach bugs that seem to completely debilitate me

It’s making me think that I’m just going to pull her out and avoid baby classes.

My anxiety is through the roof worrying that I’ll be too weak to look after her whilst DH is at work.

My baby has been a little bit poorly with the stuff mentioned above but seems to get over it in a day. I feel like it takes me a good 4 before I feel normal and then lo and behold, the next illness begins.

Is this just a winter thing? Any advice to prevent catching things?

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underneaththeash Mon 13-Jan-20 13:06:12

Big box of disposable gloves and use those when you change her nappy/sick along with very effective hand washing.

They are constantly ill during the first 6 months at nursery.

Bansku19 Mon 13-Jan-20 13:57:02

When ds started nursery we had vomiting bug four times in one winter. I think we had some colds as well. Dc is now nine and haven't been ill this winter.

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