Ectopic beats/ fluttering heart?

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Elieza Sun 12-Jan-20 17:10:27

What were you eating around new year?

I get heart palpitations when I eat dairy. There is a link in some people between dairy and phlegm. Stop eating all dairy, milk, butter, cheese and see how it goes. Take a calcium and vitamin D3 supplement instead so you don’t lose out on minerals from reducing dairy.

When you eat a hot meal or take hot soup does it loosen up your chest and you cough up phlegm too? I get that round about the same time. If I don’t have a cold but I do have phlegm I k ow it’s been my diet! Even milk chocolate affects me.

Widget123 Sun 12-Jan-20 16:34:02


I’m just on here for some reassurance while I wait for my gp appointment (booked in for Wednesday!).

I have a couple of very mills heart issues (mild mitral valve bowing and first degree heart block). But these have never caused me issues and are checked annually. Not on any treatment.

I drank quite a bit (just Prosecco) on New Year’s Eve, when I woke up New Year’s Day I was getting a lot of skipped beats (like hard thumps/flutters in my chest). Anyway fast forward 2 weeks and I’m still having them, when I say a lot I’ve counted around 1 every 10-20 seconds. I’ve had these before occasionally but I think most people have. But these are constant 😩

I went to my GPs last week and they did and ecg and said my hearts fine and everything’s normal, they aren’t life threatening or of concern and will just go away.

They haven’t improved at all and they’re freaking me out. The anxiety isn’t helping but I’m struggling to stay calm when they’re so constant.

I’ve booked to see a different GP weds and am hoping they’ll refer me for a halter monitor.

I’m off all alcohol and caffeine but it hasn’t helped. I get them when I’m totally relaxed and busy so I don’t think it’s stress but my anxiety probably isn’t helping.

Just want to see if anyone else has had a strong if these regularly or if it’s just me? Hoping they just burn out... getting a little worried.

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