Why can't I shake this ?

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Hereducky Sun 12-Jan-20 07:00:47

I've had a cold since the first week of December that I just cannot shake. It's in my sinuses (got that strange taste) and I can feel the pressure in my ears when I blow my nose - but it doesn't feel like full blown sinusitis, which I had a few years ago.

My limbs are aching and my joints are clicky, even though I've been taking it very easy. I'm absolutely exhausted, even day to day tasks, like making dinner, are leaving me wiped out.

I have had single days of feeling much better, but then the following day I just feel full of cold, achy and beyond knackered.

Why can't I shake this?

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Paperdolly Sun 12-Jan-20 15:04:21

It seems to be something that a lot of people have or have had. Me included! I’m fed up with it!!!

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