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Are you on the mini pill? Please help

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LaCerbiatta Wed 29-Aug-07 11:30:09

I've been on the mini pill (Cerazette) for 2 months and have very irregular bleeding that is getting worse. I now seem to have a period every other week, and it seems to last for longer and longer. I'm currently on the 9th day!! The nurse at the clinic told me that I needed to wait 3 months for it to stabilise and that it was normal to have erratic bleeding in the beginning. But seeing that it is getting worse not better do you think it will ever stabilise? Has anyone had a similar experience?

expatinscotland Wed 29-Aug-07 11:32:48

Cerazette did this to me, too. And gave me painful, scarring cystic acne, and killed my libido and made my PND exponentially worse.

And they still told me it would 'settle'.

Bullshit. If a man were told to put up with crap like this for months on end the damn drug would be pulled off the market.

I stopped taking it.

Waht's the point in using a contraceptive that makes you not want to have sex because you have no sex drive and/or are on your period all the time?

meandmy Wed 29-Aug-07 11:36:09

could you call your local family planning clinic they could advise you better as this is there specialist area!

rantinghousewife Wed 29-Aug-07 11:36:52

Agree with expat, as soon as I told the dr, after a very draining no stop 6 week bleed, he took me off it. No questions asked.
Come off of it.

mishymoo Wed 29-Aug-07 11:45:11

After I had my DS, I was given Micronor and had the same problem you've got - irregular periods, etc.. I complained to GP and he put me on Cerazette but then I had the opposite problem... no period at all (which may be bliss for some but didn't feel right to me)! I stopped taking it about 4 months ago and now my periods seem to be back to normal. Only problem now is that I am not taking anything at the moment! Will need to find something else.

TheOriginalXENA Wed 29-Aug-07 11:48:25

hallelujah!!! tugamommy that is exactly what happens to me I have stopped taking it for the second time. The doctors claim that the mini pill can't affect your cycles because it doesn't change your oes levels.

and p.s. not hallelujah that your having a hard time, but that i'm not alone or imagining the symptoms, I only stopped taking it last week

LaCerbiatta Wed 29-Aug-07 11:56:31

So it probably won't settle sad...... Should I try another minipill? The combined pill killed my libido as well, that's why I wanted to try the mini one.... But sex drive is def somewhere else....

DOn't know what to do... All the coils and implants use progesterone so if I don't get on with the mini pill there's no point in trying those.

I went to a family planning clinic by the way. They were very uncompromising, gave me a leaflet and basically told me to choose based on the info nad said it was impossible to rpedict how I was going to react to any of the them...

Maybe I should just have another baby grin

LaCerbiatta Wed 29-Aug-07 12:01:58

how long did you take it for expat?

LaCerbiatta Wed 29-Aug-07 12:04:07

and how long did you take it for Xena?

TheOriginalXENA Wed 29-Aug-07 12:06:05

I'm having a mirena coil next week and DH is having the snip in Oct.

TheOriginalXENA Wed 29-Aug-07 12:06:29

I took it for about months?

LaCerbiatta Wed 29-Aug-07 12:06:57

why are you having the coil for just one month???

TheOriginalXENA Wed 29-Aug-07 12:07:01

sorry the numbers on my keyboard don't work ... It took it for about THREE months

expatinscotland Wed 29-Aug-07 12:07:59

My cycle went back to normal about 3 weeks after I stopped taking the Cerazette.

I cannot use hormonal contraceptives and have moral issues of the conscience with how the copper coil works, so have been using a diaphragm ever since.

Fortunately, we're far from a fertile couple.

I think I may go for sterilisation in a year or so, though. I'm 36, and I feel like I'm too old to have any more kids.

TequilaMockinBird Wed 29-Aug-07 12:08:04

From the opposite side, I have been on Cerazette for 2 years now and have never had any problems at all with it - except that I havent had a period since taking it!

The reason they put me onto the mini-pill was because of the history of breast cancer in my family. Apparently there is less of a risk by taking the mini-pill??

TheOriginalXENA Wed 29-Aug-07 12:08:20

grin I'm hoping my periods stop tbh. Also they don't give you the all clear for the snip for over THREE months.

LaCerbiatta Wed 29-Aug-07 12:12:21

Expat, don't say you're too old at 36!! I'm almost 34 and want 2 more!

So basically, nobody had really bad bleeding in the beginning of taking the mini pill and then had it settling after 3 months?

expatinscotland Wed 29-Aug-07 12:13:34

For me, tuga, I feel too old. Plus, the risk of complications does go up with age, and as I have a child w/SN already, it's a risk I don't care to court.

So I'm thinking tubal ligation, although I'd like the new vaginal outpatient procedure.

LaCerbiatta Wed 29-Aug-07 12:13:49

100% valid reason, Xena!

LaCerbiatta Wed 29-Aug-07 12:15:03

yes, I am aware of the increase in risks and everything, but I suppose I just started too late...
Everyone's different I suppose

expatinscotland Wed 29-Aug-07 12:20:07

Indeed! Everyone is entirely different. My grandmother had 4 kids between the ages of 31 and 39, and even a surprise baby at 47 and all was well.

Different strokes for different folks!

But for me, I'm starting to look forward to not having to worry about contraception anymore.

LaCerbiatta Wed 29-Aug-07 13:56:51

Anyone else?

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