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Rachelfromfriends1 Sat 11-Jan-20 15:34:24

Can I chose a hospital for a referral? If so, how? Do I ask my GP to re-refer me? I have been referred to gynaecology, non urgent.

I was referred to gynae at Hospital A in December, discharged after treatment but was asked to return if any issues occur. The consultant here was very good (kind, gentle, understanding) and ideally I’d like to go back to this hospital now that I am having problems.

I have been referred again by my GP but I can only book with Hospital B.

I don’t want to go to Hospital B’s gynae department. I had extensive unrelated gynae treatment there in the past and if I’m being honest, all of the consultants were awful. Think patronising and very rude, forceful when carrying out exams even though I made them aware that it was painful due to my medical issue etc. I left every appointment feeling awful - hence why I found the consultant at the other hospital so kind! It’s also difficult for me to get to from work.

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avocadochocolate Sat 11-Jan-20 15:41:53

Think you'll have to contact the admin people at your GP, OP. I would say it varies for different types of referrals.

I've had a few referrals recently. One was for a second opinion. The GP originally sent me to the local hospital and then decided to send me to a much further away hospital. So, in that case it was the GP contacting a different hospital.

For another matter, the referral came back to me with an online login and that gave me the choice of 3 hospitals.

Skap Sat 11-Jan-20 17:59:27

I would ring hospital A and speak to consultant's secretary and ask if you can be seen again as it's so recently you were discharged. If they say you must go via GP then ring surgery andxask them to message your GP to say you'd like rederring to Dr x at hospital A.

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