Major surgery- pamper pack for friend?

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Sunnywithchanceofshowers Sat 11-Jan-20 12:02:23

I’d like to make up a goody bag for my good friend to take with her when she goes into hospital for reconstruction surgery. She’s going to be away from home for at least a week and too far away for most visitors. Those of you who’ve been in that position- what did you wish you’d had with you? Or what would have helped? I’ve got plenty of time to sort this out so I can order on-line or whatever if necessary.
Thanks in advance.

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MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Sat 11-Jan-20 12:05:36

Anti bac wipes for her food tray/table
Hand cream
Body cream
Magazines/cross word
Ear plugs
Eye mask
Pretty toiletry bag
Flip flops for the shower
Lip balm

I found the above useful during a long hospital stay

blackcat86 Sat 11-Jan-20 12:09:50

Flip flops, mini toiletries, moisturizers and lip balms are great as it's so dry in there, nice cheap slippers (nothing she cant just chuck when she leaves), easy to eat snacks, trashy magazines or something related to her interests. I also bought a small hairbrush for £1 before I had my c section which was great because it didnt take up much space and could be disposed of before I went home. I tried to take as little home with me as possible.

Sunnywithchanceofshowers Sat 11-Jan-20 18:59:28

Thank you so much- there are several suggestions there I wouldn’t have thought of, but they all make perfect sense.

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MinesaPinot Sat 11-Jan-20 22:20:30

I've done two over the last few montbs, both for friends with breast cancer. With that in mind I got baby wipes for face/body, mini toiletries, stick deoderant, Aveeno body cream, eye masks in case of difficulty sleeping, a pack of ponytail bands and a pair of inexpensive button through PJs.

neverornow Sat 11-Jan-20 23:48:41

A bottle of nice water mist spray to freshen up her face if she's unable to get out of bed for a few days.

CaptainNancy1 Sun 12-Jan-20 14:09:32

Plenty of puzzle books and reading material. Body spray/perfume to smell nice after a shower. Snacks.


Toofaroutallmylife Sun 12-Jan-20 14:14:25

A small hand mirror / compact? If you can’t get to a bathroom easily you’ve got no way of knowing what you look like!

Sunnywithchanceofshowers Sun 12-Jan-20 22:24:07

Great thanks. Any particular recommendations for baby/ body wipes? Mirror is a good idea too.

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Notthisnotthat Sun 12-Jan-20 22:33:00

A dry shampoo, or a kit that washes your hair without water. Depending on if she is allowed a shower or not.

LizzieMacQueen Sun 12-Jan-20 22:45:14

A tweezer so can whip out any unruly chin hairs (if she's of a certain age that is).

MinesaPinot Mon 13-Jan-20 22:26:52

I bought wipes in Savers - large size Wet Wipes for body which I'd never seen before and baby wipes for sensitive skin. I forgot that I also bought a skin freshening spray as well.

itsme7 Mon 13-Jan-20 22:38:22

Neom does a lovely mini set with three different sprays in - lovely and calming and takes away from the hospital smell.

I also found a linen dressing gown from H&M brilliant - always find hospitals hot so it's a bit cooler and feels a bit luxurious.

Some peppermint tea bags for trapped wind (common after operations IME!)

A thermos cup for hot / cold drinks - hospital cups are always tiny and it saves having to ask for refills / means you can sip and take your time with a cuppa or cold drink.

Hope your friend recovers well thanks

WhatALump Mon 13-Jan-20 22:49:02

An extra long charger for her phone with a bulldog clip on the end to clip it to the table/bed covers. I was in hospital recently and it was a godsend.

StargazyDrifter Mon 13-Jan-20 22:51:06

You are such a kind friend! Lovely idea.

Would definitely second the small mirror, dry shampoo and some nice smelling room spray.

The room spray in particular can really help lift the mood. When I was in hospital I was gifted something called Beat The Blues by Ilapothecary. It was a lovely bit of indulgence in hospital, at a time when everything was pretty grim.

Also some nice mouthwash really cheered me up. I had a miniature Aesop one that came free with something - the full size bottles are massive, I don’t think she’d thank you for one of them. But something lovely like that if she either can’t stand up long enough to brush teeth or feels a bit sicky would be good.

Wind-eze tablets if she’s having general anaesthetic are really good, they do what they promise and don't taste too bad.

If I were going to hospital now, I’d also pack some mini cans of tomato juice (I think they are called Big Tom?) and some seaweed crisps. Those things are salty/filling enough if you’ve slept though them serving food or don’t fancy a big meal. Also some plain-ish biscuits like Hobnobs or Rich Tea: enough energy and quick.

StargazyDrifter Mon 13-Jan-20 22:58:25

I just googled “luxury mouthwash”: violet, rose, lavender?! 🤮 That can’t be nice! Maybe just something like this-

Sunnywithchanceofshowers Mon 13-Jan-20 23:17:38

Stargazer they sound terrible😂 Definitely stick with mint mouthwash.
I’ve found body wipes and waterless shampoo today so made a start. Thank you!

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Candlecandle Mon 13-Jan-20 23:34:30

This is such a lovely thing you are doing. ❤️ Could you include a novel? Ideally something engrossing but easy to read for a bit of escapism.

Sunnywithchanceofshowers Mon 13-Jan-20 23:42:48

I’ll have a look for novels. It’s a good idea if I can find the right one 🙂

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StargazyDrifter Tue 14-Jan-20 00:01:27

Novels, I personally found it v hard to read and preferred to fiddle on my phone. But have a look at The Snow Geese - it is about getting better and returning home. Or Dear Committee Members, it’s funny. You don’t want anything too deep and meaningful at this stage, I’d imagine.

TorysSuckRevokeArticle50 Tue 14-Jan-20 00:09:13

One of those small beanbag tablet/iPad holders. My friend had breast reconstruction after a mastectomy and couldn't hold a book or tablet because it was too painful.

These -

EmeraldIsle81 Tue 14-Jan-20 01:23:42

Nice new socks to wear in bed, hospitals can be draughty and wee cold feet can keep you awake.
Earplugs- hospitals are very noisy indeed!
Multipacks of her favourite snacks/sweets- perfect for a but if comfort

LuluJakey1 Tue 14-Jan-20 01:38:30

Evian water face spray. It is really cooling and refreshing as well as hydrating skin and eyes.

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