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Adult MMR vaccine

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Butterer Wed 08-Jan-20 19:52:05

I've got a text from my GP surgery saying I need to get the MMR vaccine...

I'm 40, with asthma and type 2 diabetes (diagnosed 8 years ago), if that's relevant.

I'm going to ring them in the morning to double check, but just wondered if this is usual? It just seems a bit out the blue, and I would have thought I'd had been vaccinated in childhood.

Anyone else had this?

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GwenCooper81 Wed 08-Jan-20 19:55:11

How very odd. I've been told today I need one aswell. Like you, I'm asthmatic, late 30's. I questioned it and was told it's due to the updating of medical records from paper to computer. I was born in a different area so possibly my notes have gone walkies over the years. I have no idea if I've ever had it in the past.

toejambed Wed 08-Jan-20 20:02:12

I had the name 14 years ago when my eldest ds had his. One of the blood tests when pregnant showed I was no longer immune (if that's the right word) from rubella from my childhood jabs. I was 23 at the time. Jab itself was no problem, no side effects.

randomsabreuse Wed 08-Jan-20 20:07:32

If you're 40 you wouldn't have had MMR in your childhood - it was rolled out somewhere between 1981 year of birth and 1986 year of birth (between me and my brother). My cohort had Mumps/Rubella vac at 9 or 10 but no measles vac (I had measles at some point in my childhood - still remember the horrible tasting antibiotics)

NikkiDawn Wed 08-Jan-20 20:14:36

Fortuntely I have already had measles, mumps and rubella in my childhood, so am immune for life.

Butterer Wed 08-Jan-20 21:51:22

Thanks for your responses!

@randomsabreuse - that makes sense.
I'll get it booked tomorrow smile

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