Dark discharge!! Worried

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Zttc9 Wed 08-Jan-20 12:59:04

Hi lovelies,
I have been TTC 2 years with no luck. Tried Clomid & Glucophage, both gave me good follicles but BFP all cycles. Had a diagnostic Laproscopy and the doctor said my inside was picture perfect.
He started me on a medicated IUI cycle. I took Puregon 50iu this cycle day 1-6. Day 9 scan revealed a 10mm follicle and by day 14 the follicle was on the same size. Dr made me cancel the IUI cycle and called me in to suggest me to take a break for a few months as he feels the stress is interfering between my body reacting well to the medicines and injections, and if I haven’t conceived during that break, then come in for an ICSI. I am kind of relieved that I will be off medications.
However i have started spotting since cycle day 16 and today is cycle day 18. It started off as brown discharge, to light brown spotting to thick black discharge today. I dont know what to make of it. Any leads here? Could this be cause of Puregon or am I having an annovulatory cycle causing break through bleeding? So confused!!!

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Zttc9 Thu 09-Jan-20 08:39:23


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