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anyone had a child with hives before?

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moodlesoup Tue 28-Aug-07 19:09:57

our nursery reckons that DD1 12 months old has hives. it seems to match what we can find on t'internet. she doesn't seem bothered by it, but they look horrendous, big horrible red welts over her limbs. doctor gave me a phone consultation and said to keep her indoors, apply calamine and cool baths.
has anyone got any other good tips?

filthymindedvixen Tue 28-Aug-07 19:13:02

piriton syrup is good. She must be allergic to something but it may prove impossible to track down what it is. It's often a contact allergy, rather than something she's eaten, so look at washing powder/softener first. Then different fabrics she may be regularly in contact with?

Tallbird Tue 28-Aug-07 20:40:14

My DD2 (almost 2) suffered from this the other week. Like yours, she was quite happy.
Got her to the doc's, and it had almost disappeared, so felt like a bit of an idiot. Then, mid consultation, they started to appear again. Doc said that it was probably an allergic reation to some virus that it going about & nothing to worry about. Recommended Piriton.
All better now...

Beauregard Tue 28-Aug-07 20:43:00

My dd2 had hives for the 1st time a few weeks ago,the doctor said that it was either a reaction to something she had eaten or a reaction to a virus as she had a sore throat.
It looked awful but the Piriton helped.

moodlesoup Wed 29-Aug-07 07:04:30

thank you. thats great.

SofiaAmes Wed 29-Aug-07 07:14:32

I got hives with every cold as a child. And then outgrew them. And then after having ds, I started getting them again with every cold and with stress. I used to think it was allergies, but realized that it's very clearly just virus related. Dd gets them occasionally too with a cold. Piriton is the way to go. Although Clarityn do a children's syrup too that is non-drowsy if you need something for when they are at nursery.

KTeePee Wed 29-Aug-07 07:32:05

I used to get them as a child - mostly during the summer iirc. Agree that piriton is a good idea. With me, my parents thought it was possibly an allergic reaction to fruit or tomatoes which might make sense as I ate a lot more of those in the summer - and I think with those sort of triggers it can be the quantity and combination of different fruit which sets it off - a person might be ok with a single type of fruit iyswim. I would get the nursery to keep a diary of what your dd is eating if they are not already doing so - strawberries, apples and kiwis are other well known triggers.

moodlesoup Wed 29-Aug-07 19:03:32

thanks again, thats excellent advice.
they've completely disappeared today, so they only lasted 2 days but we've gone back to a basic diet of cereal, bananas, spag bolgonese, peas, and yoghurt just to keep an eye out on what triggers it off. i think KTP is right about the quantity and combination - she ate a combination cherries, tomatoes and grapes for lunch on monday which may have set it off.
all better so hopefully they won't reappear...

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