Mole removal

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terriblyangryattimes Tue 07-Jan-20 19:32:52

My GP referred me to the local skin clinic to get a mole on my back looked at as it developed in colour/size over the past few months. Appt is tomorrow. Mole is on my back under where my bra does up. Is it likely they'll remove it altogether tomorrow to be safe do you think? Also if they do is it likely to hurt a lot if you've experienced it? To be honest am more panicking I'll have to take my bra and top off 😔

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MrsEricBana Tue 07-Jan-20 19:37:47

No they won't do anything tomorrow even if they do want to remove it, it'll just be an appointment for them to have a look at it. Don't worry about taking your top off, they'll be discreet and they're doctors! Hope it goes well.

MrsEricBana Tue 07-Jan-20 19:38:54

(I have had a mole removed - no pain as they used local anaesthetic around the area)

Spaghettio Tue 07-Jan-20 19:46:39

I second what @MrsEricBana says. They'll just look tomorrow. I've had my entire body inspected (even my breasts while I was breastfeeding a noisy baby) and they were v professional.

When I had my moles removed, I had a local anaesthetic so it didn't hurt at all.

Good luck and try not to worry.

princesskatethefirst Tue 07-Jan-20 20:10:44

I went with my sister last week for the same thing. They didn't like the look of it so they took it off there and then and sent it for a biopsy. They numbed it first and she didn't feel a thing. It didn't hurt later on either. They were very nice and professional.

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