Low histamine diet

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Felix67 Mon 06-Jan-20 23:57:17

Having to start a low histamine diet today....heads baffled with conflicting information, does anyone have any advice..tips, experiences they can share x

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raspberrymolakoff Tue 07-Jan-20 00:02:07

There was a discussion about this recently on the auto-immune illnesses section.

There are a few people who share their menus etc on Instagram. Just search on lowhistamine or AIP (autoimmune paleo I think that stands for).

Good luck! Hope it works for you.

Felix67 Tue 07-Jan-20 00:07:15

Thank you, just joined, not sure how to access your suggestion x

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raspberrymolakoff Tue 07-Jan-20 14:27:39

I'm not good at Instagram either but there is a search magnifying glass just put it on there.

raspberrymolakoff Tue 07-Jan-20 14:30:09

It's at the bottom of your home page, second icon on left.

Felix67 Tue 07-Jan-20 15:06:54

Thank you

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