Cervical Cancer

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dlh90 Mon 06-Jan-20 20:55:08

Evening all!
I hope you are all well!

So I'm having a freak tho evening. So I'll start at the beginning. My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 42. She survived it and went into remission 6 years. It unfortunately came back with a vengeance back in 2017 and she passed away 4 months later in April 2018 aged 48. So since then I'm obviously very paranoid with getting it. I've pushed to be tested for the gene but the hospital have said no but are giving me mammograms from aged 40. I'm 29 btw. However the last 4 months I've not been right. Excuse the tmi! However I thought I had thrush so went to the doctors to get some cream for it because the symptoms were ongoing for over a month. They gave me cream and I went on my merry way. However I noticed that it took longer then normal to clear up. Anyway, I thought nothing of it as I wasn't having sex due to my partner being in the military so he was away at the time for a long stint. I also get myself tested regularly and had been tested since he'd been away. So know it's nothing anything sexual. (I do this because it's something I've always down and not because I don't trust him). So forward to when he gets home and obviously we have sex and I've not felt pain like it. To the point we've had to stop completely. I've been to the doctors to have tests and am awaiting a gp appointment for an internal at the end of the month, but I'm freaking myself out! The pain I've been getting during sex, spotting after and consistent lower back pain. Am I being silly? Overthinking? Has anyone been my age and had similar symptoms? I'm sorry for the long post my mind is going into overdrive!! Any advice would be appreciated! smile

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LeGrandBleu Tue 07-Jan-20 07:19:51

A young age at diagnosis (below 45 ) is usually one of the criteria to be tested for BRCA1/BRCA2 and it is also a criteria for diagnosis if a family member of forest degree has it.

I would go back to GP, and say you have done some reading on medical literature and the current guidelines identify you as fitting the criteria for testing.
Also argue the doubt is affecting you and you can't stop imagining that whatever issue you have is linked to cancer.

I am really sorry about your loss.

dlh90 Tue 07-Jan-20 08:42:38

Thank you @LeGrandBleu I'm going to push with the GP because I did think this within the criteria. If not I will save to pay privately for peace of mind.

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ViaSacra Tue 07-Jan-20 14:03:42

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to get genetic testing on the NHS if your mother is your only close relative who has had breast cancer.

Genetic testing is extremely expensive and costs the NHS a huge amount, so it is heavily rationed - the criteria are not something that GPs are able to overrule.

In my area, a patient needs 2 close relatives with a cancer history before I am allowed to refer them for genetic testing. If I try to refer with fewer than 2 relatives, the referral will be rejected.

ViaSacra Tue 07-Jan-20 14:04:39

(If your mother was found to have the BRCA gene then you would of cause be eligible for genetic testing)

ViaSacra Tue 07-Jan-20 14:04:45


dlh90 Tue 07-Jan-20 14:36:34

Hi @ViaSacra thank you for your reply. My auntie who lives in the states had breast cancer also under the age of 40, but as she doesn't live here anymore we were unable to check whether she had the gene and my mum unfortunately passed before they were able to test for it. This is why the referral was made, but I think I may have to pay privately for the test for peace of mind. I've already looked into this and it's roughly £1800 for the test that I've seen.

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ViaSacra Tue 07-Jan-20 14:46:25

Is your aunt a relative on your mother’s side?

If so, then as far as I know you do meet the criteria for genetic testing.

dlh90 Tue 07-Jan-20 17:20:23

@ViaSacra no on my fathers side.

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