Gallbladder issues

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Nikki2ol6 Mon 06-Jan-20 13:13:29

Hi everyone! I was diagnosed with gallstones 3 years ago. They were causing me a lot of problems In the beginning due to my diet of Mc donalds, kebabs, Chinese and what ever else I ate that was bad for me! So I changed my diet and avoided fatty foods and it all worked well! I went around 17 months without an attack. However they are becoming quite frequent and in the last 4 months Iv been on antibiotics twice for inflammation of my gallbladder. And to hospital once for morphine pain relief. So I have decided to have my gallbladder removed! Im waiting for my appointment with the surgeon to talk things over and be put on the waiting list. I’m quite scared but I know it needs done.... so my question is Iv been poorly since Boxing Day! Boxing Day was my last attack and it woke me up around 6am and lasted until around 3pm. I put it down to the Yorkshire’s on my Christmas dinner. Since then Iv had an ache in my gallbladder area. But not painful enough to stop me doing my usual activity’s. So I visited the doctor and said this pain wasn’t going away, he said my temp was a little high and put me on more antibiotics... Iv finished those and this ache is still lingering on and off! Iv now developed new symptoms of indigestion, heartburn, extreme nausea, and now everytime I eat it comes straight through me. My stomach feels empty and so hungry but what ever I eat doesn’t agreee with me. I can drink water and fizzy pop, but juice or milk isn’t staying put. This has all been going on since yesterday morning. I’m unsure of weather Iv caught a bit of a tummy bug from somewhere or if it’s related to my gallbladder? Can anyone with gallstones help me out please if they have had similar experiences

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Paddington68 Mon 06-Jan-20 13:19:30

It sounds more like a touch of food poisoning.
Have you tried buscopan? I used to find that useful and normal paracetamol won't hurt.

Letitbegin Tue 07-Jan-20 06:00:13

Hi I got my gallbladder removed at start of December. I started having problems in October and ended up in A&E 4 times. The pain was unbearable. In between trips to A&E I felt crap sometimes in pain. I was on the waiting list which said can take up 2 38weeks but luckily my last trip to A&E they decided to take it out that day. Recovering ok tender for a week or 2 but no pain in gallbladder now. Only problem is I've been suffering Diarrhea but hopping that settles soon. How long is your waiting list?

Nikki2ol6 Tue 07-Jan-20 08:31:38

Iv had around 15 attacks in 3 years but most were in the beginning when I didn’t know what was causing them or what they were. Mine were also unbearable pain, vomiting, shaking, shivering but sweating. One attack lasted 9 hours! Iv always been to scared to being put to sleep so opted to wait and see how it went by avoiding the trigger foods. But now it can be set off by many things. I’m meeting the surgeon in March and will take it from there but could be in for a long wait!

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Plsnomorepeppapig Tue 07-Jan-20 13:24:09

I had this years ago and had mine removed as I became very ill. Remember, even the smallest fraction of fat can set the pain off, so try and eliminate it altogether - less than 1%.
My mum has it too and became even more ill - she had an attack and the pain didn’t ease - it turned out her pancreas was infected too - it turned into a life/death situation - she took herself to A and E when the doctors weren’t taking her seriously- thank god she did otherwise she wouldn’t be here now.

Plsnomorepeppapig Tue 07-Jan-20 13:25:43

Sorry she “had” it - ended up having the gall bladder removed as soon as the infection had died down.

Nikki2ol6 Tue 07-Jan-20 15:10:36

That’s so scary! When I found out I had it I’d never heard of it, it doesn’t run in my family. Iv been back to my gp today and put on a gastro resistant medicine. Hopefully it helps with the heart burn and bad stomach

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