Did you feel exhausted with a broken wrist for weeks after?

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marmiteonmykeyboard Fri 09-Jul-21 15:53:30

Broke my ankle a couple of months ago. Utterly knackered. Initially going to bed at about six pm. Getting better but my lack of energy /fitness does worry me. I tell myself I have come a long way and focus on my achievements rather than think about what I can't do. Take care Pinkclover.

Pinkclover Thu 08-Jul-21 22:20:55

I just broke my wrist and had surgery 2 months ago and I’m tired every day. Physical therapy for my hand is exhausting and I get very tired after doing normal activities like a few light house chores. I read that it’s typical especially for women over 60. I hope it improves as my wrist heals. I wonder how you’re doing a year after your break?

Woeismethischristmas Sun 05-Jan-20 21:22:39

Slipped and broke wrist mid December. I needed surgery and also found out I was anemic been on iron pills since. Also awaiting results of a test to check for bleeding in guts. My question is how tired were you a few weeks after your break? I would cheerfully sleep 12 hours and still be shattered not really sure if iron tablets are working or if this is normal and broken bones take lots of energy?

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