Can I stop taking beta blocker?

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bytorchlight Sun 05-Jan-20 16:24:21

I was treated with Lisinopril for a few years for high blood pressure but have recently lost a fair amount of weight and got fitter. I started feeling dizzy and GP said to halve my dose of lisinopril and I could probably come off it totally soon. My resting BP at home at this time was ~112/69.

A few weeks later, I was under a lot of stress and had a couple of episodes where I felt really off balance and the lights came on on my home BP monitor - high BP reading. I realise these were panic attacks now. At all other times my BP readings were normal.

I went back to GP mid-panic and he put me on the beta blocker, bisoprolol fumarate 5mg (instead of the 2.5mg lisinopril) and I have felt awful ever since (2 weeks). Light headed, fuzzy brain, dizzy, very tired. My BP is lowish 117/72 but my pulse rate is in the 40s and was 39 yesterday.

I had an ECG a month ago and it was fine although I did have a resting HR in the mid- late 50s. They said this is fine. I had this check up as I'm going to be prescribed HRT and they wanted to check out the occasional palpitations I was having before prescribing.

My heart is absolutely fine but I am worried my HR is so low on these beta blockers. I have not taken a beta blocker today and I plan to call the GP tomorrow but is it dangerous to just stop?

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aNonnyMouse1511 Mon 06-Jan-20 10:57:16

You shouldn’t just stop medication like that without consulting a GP. Hope they can help z

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