A mole fell off

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carrielou2007 Sun 05-Jan-20 12:47:43

Hi all, I have had a mole fall off! One big bumpy one have had for as long as I can remember. For the last week I noticed it got bigger and yesterday as I got out of the shower it was sort of ‘hanging off’. I touched it and it came off in my hand. It looked very wart like and had a white stalk. This morning it seems to have almost grown back. I feel a bit stupid going to my GP about it but then I think should I get it checked? Maybe an appointment with the nurse? Typical I’ve had two weeks off work for Christmas and new year and am back to work tomorrow.

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lljkk Sun 05-Jan-20 12:51:57

Seborrhic kerotoses fall off.
So can pappiloma (?, the virus ones, anyway).
I wouldn't worry about it. Lots of weird things the body does.

Shouldbedoing Sun 05-Jan-20 12:53:52

Any skin growth that grows fast is worth investigating.
Peace of mind and all that.

lljkk Sun 05-Jan-20 13:03:52

warts are viruses so all that sounds like a nice (not) warty thing you've had.
You can get treatment from GP that might clear it up for good.

SukiPutTheEarlGreyOn Sun 05-Jan-20 13:09:43

Yes, always worth getting it checked for peace of mind. I had a similar experience that occurred a week before a pre-arranged dermotologist appointment to look at a mole. He examined where it had fallen off and his advice at the time was that there was nothing of concern and that if it grew back to come back get it checked. So, it really sounds as though there’s nothing to worry about but a gp/nurse check would be a sensible call (our surgery has a specific person who is the mole specialist so it may be worth asking reception who would be the best person to see if it has multiple gps/nurses).

I do sympathise as it’s quite a shock isn’t it? Mine sounds very similar in appearance and was deemed to be a harmless seborrheic keratosis.

When I went for my appointment I brought some photos of what it had looked like before falling off. If you have any it might be bringing these to the gp/nurse so they can compare the old to new growth.

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