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Toomuchgoingon Sat 04-Jan-20 18:27:38

I have been diagnosed with adenomyosis and consultant has suggested I have a coil fitted. I am struggling to see how this will help.

I am 48, haven't had a period for over 2 years but do get some spotting. I also get bloating and discomfort in my lower abdomen. Everything I have read about the coil talks about either birth control (don't need that) and to reduce heavy bleeding. I don't need that either.

I've only heard negative things about the Mirena so am not keen to try it if it's not going to give me much benefit. I should add that I have fibroids too and one thing I read, said that it shouldn't be used if you have those.

Can anyone explain why it would benefit me?. (I will obviously discuss it with the consultant but wanted some insight first)


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avocadochocolate Sat 04-Jan-20 18:40:14


The Wikipedia page says the Mirena is an effective treatment. I've had a Mirena for about 10 years. Never had any trouble.

TheHagOnTheHill Tue 07-Jan-20 00:48:38

I've have fibroids,heavy bleeding and menopausal.Was adamant I didn't want Mirena but was persuaded and it has been put in my notes that it will be removed as soon as I ask.

It has against all expectations worked for me.Minimal bleeding,bloating gone.

zoobincan Tue 07-Jan-20 01:07:01

Another one here who was adamant I didn't want it. Gynaecologist managed to convince me to try one before trying ablation. It's been a life changer.

AnuvvaMuvva Tue 07-Jan-20 01:31:50

Me too! Love it. Apparently it's most popular among perimenopausal or menopausal women.

MiniDoofa Tue 07-Jan-20 01:54:52

I also have Adenomyosis OP. Waiting for consultant appt but my GP did suggest they might say mirena as an option. I really don’t get the science of how it’s supposed to help. I have had mirena in the past- for contraception- it did reduce bleeding but I felt it also contributed to depression. Not sure if there’s scientific evidence of this but I’ve definitely read others with same feeling on MN. I also feel that if I get a mirena I then have to wait months to see if it works- feels like it’s just delaying the inevitable.

The only actual cure for Adenomyosis seems to be hysterectomy. To be honest as my family is complete I will seriously consider that option. My GP was very detailed in her explanation of how Adenomyosis works and the fact that it will get worse with time. I suppose post menopause it will sort itself but I’m 43 and so a long time to wait.
It’s a rubbish condition OP, you have my sympathy and good luck.

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