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Argh i think DS has got food poisining!

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Charlee Tue 28-Aug-07 09:40:27

We went to a party on Sunday and since then DS2 (9 months) has had chronic dioreah (sp?) and he can't tolerate and milk at all.

I have just managed after 2 days to get somw plain home made leek and potato soup down him as he was screaming becuase he was hungry, he wont drink anything even though he will usually take diorolite so i have been syringing small amounts of it in his mouth.

Several people came down with dicky tummys when they got back aswell so i am assuming it's mild food poisining,

littlelapin Tue 28-Aug-07 09:43:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Charlee Tue 28-Aug-07 09:45:57

He is still thankfully having wet nappies i have been like a corpral seargent squirting water and diorolite down his throat at half hour intervals much to his distress.

He is very pale and grizzly and sleepy.

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