Herpes anxiety

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Blues91 Sat 04-Jan-20 12:15:04

I’m pretty sure I have herpes and been misdiagnosed by my gp, several years ago I had loads of sores across my buttocks and near my vagina, my gp said it was an “allergic reaction” but since then I’ve had several reoccurrences of one tiny sore spot normally when I’m run down, Ive visited my local gum clinic and been tested for everything else and was told they can’t do any testing for herpes unless I have obvious symptoms and said that I probably do have it but it’s very common. I just wanna know for my own peace of mind because it’s making me feel so paranoid and anxious.. I've been with my oh for nearly four years and It’s genuinely affecting our sex life as I worry that il infect him, I have anxiety anyways and this just makes it worse. sad

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