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teething - can it cause big red patches on limbs?

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moodlesoup Tue 28-Aug-07 06:32:32

my dd1 is teething with her the big ones & she's come up with large red patches with a raised white bit over her legs yesterday. these went down after a few hours and then reappeared on upper arms. i thought it may have been an insect bite so gave her medised which helped.
she's woken this morning with the same again but this time on lower legs and 2 bright red patches on each jaw. not sure what 2 do, dh thinks its just teeth... ???

sandcastles Tue 28-Aug-07 06:35:00

Tbh I have never heard of teething causing the red patches you describe & I have been a dental nurse for 15 yrs.

Red cheeks yes, but red patches on body, no.

moodlesoup Tue 28-Aug-07 06:36:02

god.... the only other thing i can think of is the cowsmilk feed we introduced on saturday... maybe an allergy... but she's had it before in cereal and snacks so can't be...

sandcastles Tue 28-Aug-07 06:40:33

I really think you should get her checked by your GP. You shouldn't mess about with rashes, imo.

moodlesoup Tue 28-Aug-07 07:11:28

i know, but since posting this 40mins ago, its totally disappeared again. i think i'll call GP instead of taking her as i'll have to wait all day for an appt to show her a perfectly normal leg! thanks for your help.

moodlesoup Tue 28-Aug-07 13:40:02

apparently its hives...

sandcastles Wed 29-Aug-07 06:42:22

That's good that you know.

Hives as in an allergy?

moodlesoup Wed 29-Aug-07 20:09:45

yes, apparently! i've started another thread about hives and had some good advice so far. the spots have completely disappeared now, its can be triggered by food, or a virus. hopefully they won't come back. but out of all the illnesses we've had since she was born, this is my preferred one as she doesn't get affected by them, other than look like she's been burnt!

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