MRI Scan, no consultant?

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Christinemarie Fri 03-Jan-20 21:22:01

Hello everyone! I’ve had an MRI scan for my spine just under a week ago, I know results won’t be expected any time soon but I’m wondering how I’ll manage to know them when I haven’t got a consultant to speak to. I was referred by my GP for the scan so I’m thinking that’s who I contact about it. Any help would be lovely!

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BraveSpiritKindHeart Fri 03-Jan-20 21:24:16

Did they not tell you at your appointment?
Your scan report will go back to your gp. You need to contact them to arrange to go and see them about the results. It can take up to 3 weeks for them to receive them.
They may have also referred you to a hospital consultant as well who may write to you with an appointment.

Christinemarie Fri 03-Jan-20 21:31:29

No unfortunately they didn't. Thank you very much though and I'll be sure to speak to my GP!smile

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PandancerandRabbitoplh Sat 04-Jan-20 22:32:23

I had a brain MRI ordered via A&E so no consultant and was told hear back via GP. The hospital also phoned me but if it's all clear they won't do that. I had spine MRI last week too. Good luck

digerd Sun 05-Jan-20 08:52:31

I had a Brain CT as routine in A&E after a fall at home and bleeding scalp
The cause of the fall was the medication I took on an empty stomach for my agonising lower back pain for which I said I needed an MRI but I keep being ignored /refused one.
An MRI scan was also not mentioned for my Brain.
Do you know why you had an MRI and not a CT?

Dontdisturbmenow Sun 05-Jan-20 09:05:07

Your scan will be reviewed by a consultant before writing a letter to your GP. Depending on the results, the GP or hospital will call you. If nothing is showing, don't expect the GP to contact you, you might have to ask yourself.

DustyD2 Sun 05-Jan-20 09:14:42

The person who orders the scan is responsible for it, so your GP will be the one to give you the results. If it looks ok you may not need to be referred to a consultant, as they are surgeons at the end of the day and you may not require surgery.

Just to warn you so you don't panic, if you are over 30 it is very normal that scans show changes to the discs and joints that are a normal part of aging a bit like grey hair and wrinkles. The radiologist (doctor) reporting the scan will list these. More often than not these changes are not serious medical problems. Just a list of things that they can see.

Any changes to bladder, bowel or sensation in your bits, get to A&E (again very rare).

Hope all goes well


PandancerandRabbitoplh Sun 05-Jan-20 09:19:19

Digerd I had a CT first which was all clear but A&E asked neurology who said MRI was needed so they ordered non-urgent MRI. If A&E signed you off then you can get referred by your GP to neurology. My MRI of brain showed mini strokes, A&E signed off, so I got doctors to refer. Long wait as kept being cancelled but had appointment and they said needed spine MRI so just had that.

DustyD2 Sun 05-Jan-20 09:19:41

I should add, the GP will use the scan information to help determine where you are referred to next so very normal to not be under a hospital consultant yet.

BraveSpiritKindHeart Sun 05-Jan-20 13:05:08

Dusty - consultants are not surgeons. Surgeons are surgeons. Consultants are specialists in their chosen field.

digerd Sat 11-Jan-20 07:56:16

Just got my internet working again after days of it being down. Your post was very interesting for me and you got your MRI on your spine in a rather roundabout way, but at least it was done. Which part of your spine was involved?

I don't think they asked Neurology to look at my CT scan but since falling my lower back agony has worsened and I mentioned it at the High Risk assessment too but was told they were not interested in that.
Did they tell you why the C T scan, that was clear, indicated a spinal MRI was needed?

Bringiton2019 Sat 11-Jan-20 08:27:43

CT and MRI are completely different modalities. Please remember CT is a very high dose of radiation, and therefore justified in use for trauma/immediate problems.

MRI is a much safer way of imaging, if you pass the safety questions. With regards to spine and brain MR can give a much more detailed diagnosis of what's going on, as this shows vessels etc.

Hope that helps a little.

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