Does this look like impetigo?

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SarahBeeney Fri 03-Jan-20 15:38:52

Took DS into the pharmacy and the pharmacist said he needs to go to the Dr as it looks like Impetigo.
I have managed to get an appointment for Monday morning.

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MummaGiles Fri 03-Jan-20 15:39:47

Just looks like dry skin from the cold weather to me

IstillmissWoolworths Fri 03-Jan-20 15:43:51

When my son was in reception he had a very similar rash to the pic on the right around his mouth and nose which was diagnosed as impertigo by the GP. He had to take antibiotics and have a couple of days off school as it's very contagious.

Bessiebigpants Fri 03-Jan-20 15:45:31

Impetigo has very distinctive yellow crust if it has then yep it is and it needs antibiotics cream It's also contagious as anything

BigusBumus Fri 03-Jan-20 15:47:54

The only thing that healed my kids skin after Impetigo was Metanium cream.

Marcipex Fri 03-Jan-20 15:51:23

I can’t tell from your pics, but if it is it’s very contagious.
Is there any way to get him seen before the weekend? Nursery children with it were just prescribed a cream and it cleared up quickly.
In the meantime, dont kiss him, or let anyone else kiss him, and make sure not to share cups, towels etc.

SarahBeeney Fri 03-Jan-20 15:55:49

I just went into the surgery,no appointments til Monday. He has this quite often in winter and it can get quite spotty and sore,and with a crust sometimes.
I have got some Fucidin which I could use.

He used to have eczema so we have epaderm etc to keep it moisturised.

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BigusBumus Fri 03-Jan-20 18:53:11

Yes use the Fucidin as that's what you'd get given anyway.

expatinspain Fri 03-Jan-20 19:10:38

It does to me. DD used to get it a lot when she was younger.

SarahBeeney Fri 03-Jan-20 19:33:10

Thank you. I'll keep going with the fucidin then.

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