24 hr blood pressure monitor

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purpleme12 Thu 02-Jan-20 10:54:00

I've been to doctors about other things twice within the space of a few weeks. They took my blood pressure which was high apparently. It doesn't worry me as I get very nervous at the doctor's and also I've never liked the blood pressure thing. That makes me nervous too.

Anyway they recommended the 24 hr blood pressure monitor just to check. I'm wearing it now but every time it goes off I get nervous and my heart starts beating faster. And I'm really aware of it so can't fully relax so how can this be accurate?
So far whenever it's gone off it's done it twice which I think means it's having trouble getting a reading?
I hate it

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purpleme12 Thu 02-Jan-20 13:21:50

It seems to be inflating twice each time as well?

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BlackAmericanoNoSugar Thu 02-Jan-20 13:26:19

Try to stay still when it goes, moving makes it hard for it to get a reading. I have to say that I found it very stressful. My GP commented that it was unusual for my blood pressure to be higher when I was sleeping, I pointed out that waking suddenly in a panic was likely to temporarily push it up. Apparently there are people that can sleep through it, I've no idea how.

purpleme12 Thu 02-Jan-20 13:30:33

I've been trying to stay still although my arm may not have been straight?

I really don't think I'm going to be able to sleep at all. Even now I'm aware of it I can't imagine sleeping tonight to be honest.

I'm quite worried it will be high the readings and I guess it's possible it could be high because it's high but what if it's just high because I'm nervous I don't know

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purpleme12 Thu 02-Jan-20 13:31:58

And now I'm wondering why it's inflating twice each time!

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purpleme12 Thu 02-Jan-20 13:54:10

Maybe it's supposed to inflate twice??

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tobee Thu 02-Jan-20 13:57:42

You both sound very similar to my experience! sad

I had very high readings and didn't sleep properly. It would often go off twice. Also the cuff was so tight I thought it was going to squeeze my arm forever. Nothing like the cuffs I'd had at the surgery. I also got marks on my arm with the cuff's material pattern for days after! shock

Can you ring the surgery or hospital for advice? Even ask a pharmacist? Re the double and inflation.

I think it's a mistaken assumption that you won't be stressed because you are in your home environment. I was super stressed for 24hours.

I had another one a few months later after I had treatment for health anxiety and meds for blood pressure and it had very good readings because I knew what to expect and was much more chilled.

Good luck!


Irridescantshimmmer Thu 02-Jan-20 14:33:46

I had to wear a bp monitor for 24 hours, due to low bp. It really was a pain in the nether regions to wear because it was cutting into my arm. I went hypo in my sleep (,diabetic on insulin) and disconnected my self from it with out being aware! It kept me awake all night because my BP drops even lower when I am asleep. The blood pressure machine kept going off in the night because my blood pressure was dropping too low, but I was not moving and I was exhausted the following day, so I can really empathise with you there.

I would suggest that you try and stay as still as you possibly can when it starts pumping, because the machine is very sensitive it will continue to pump until you keep your arm still. You'll be glad when you hand it back to them😄

purpleme12 Thu 02-Jan-20 14:45:59

Yes I definitely will be!!

And yes like someone said above it seems to be really tight when it inflates. It feels tighter than usual don't know if that's true or not.

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Mmc224 Thu 02-Jan-20 14:52:42

They inflate twice if the first reading doesn't work. I've had them.done several times because I'm on blood pressure medication. Try to either sit or stand still with arms and legs straight when you get the warning beep, and don't speak during the reading. If the cuff is too tight or has slipped you can adjust to make more comfortable. I find it hard to sleep with it too, but the readings show over the day, so it is easier to pick out ongoing high readings than doing a few with Dr.

tobee Thu 02-Jan-20 14:53:34

Op you definitely need to get advice from gp surgery/hospital that gave it to you/pharmacy. It might end up giving false readings. Which would be a waste of time.

I would imagine any pharmacist would be able to check it was on properly etc.

This is bringing back memories! shockgrin I feel for you!

purpleme12 Thu 02-Jan-20 15:38:08

I've rang the doctors she said it will do that if it's having trouble getting a reading (or if it's too high!!) Which is worrying about the too high thing

She did say if it's unbearable take it off but it's better to have the readings. I told her I hate but I'll try keep it on!

So I'm now thinking when I got back the readings will be high. The readings they've been taking at the doctor's have been quite high they said significantly high I think. And we wanted to check if it was just high because I was at the doctor's nervous. Something else to worry about

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purpleme12 Thu 02-Jan-20 15:58:22

It feels tighter each time it does it!

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Mmc224 Thu 02-Jan-20 17:08:11

Try loosening the cuff, and then make sure it is comfortable and tighten the Velcro again. it may have slipped and be making it tighten too much. at bedtime can take it off to wash/change and you can put the machine bit below your pillow. You should get 20-30 minutes between readings to do this. Good luck.

tobee Thu 02-Jan-20 17:26:27

On a positive note, although I hated having the monitor and was worried about the results, I've been on meds for quite a few years now and my blood pressure is currently well controlled and I have no issues with the meds.

Much better to have properly controlled blood pressure even if you're concerned now. Uncontrolled high blood pressure can cause really terrible problems. Also, there tend to be no symptoms. I know from experience of a close relative that prevention is much better than cure!

tobee Thu 02-Jan-20 17:27:17

I should add that I mean uncontrolled for a long time!

purpleme12 Thu 02-Jan-20 17:36:19

Thank you everyone

Yes that is kind of what has been worrying me sometimes since the doctor first mentioned my blood pressure. Sometimes I worry something will happen and I've only got my little girl here. If I lived with someone else I might worry still but not as much. I guess that's why I did it.

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purpleme12 Thu 02-Jan-20 17:37:22

But then I can't swallow tablets so I'll them worry about seeing the doctor and getting suitable tablets!

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mumsnoangel Thu 02-Jan-20 19:39:02

I also have much higher blood pressure at the doctors surgery and found the 24 hour monitor stressful, but try not to worry. I have been on one blood pressure tablet a day for several years and it's no bother. I bought my own by machine from a pharmacy and take my own bp at home from time to time when I am as relaxed as possible. That way I know my normal bp is not too bad and show these readings to my gp so they don't over react to the high readings they take. Much better to have your be safely controlled.

orangeisnotmycolour Thu 02-Jan-20 20:03:26

I had one and I get what you mean. Try not to worry about the readings cos that will make them higher- easier said than done I know.

I put the machine between the pillows at bedtime, but be careful if you move lots in your sleep as I rolled the wrong way and ended up with the cables wrapped round me grin

With children they recommend putting it down pyjama bottoms overnight.

purpleme12 Thu 02-Jan-20 21:48:22

I've adjusted the velcro a bit. I'm sure it shouldn't be this tight when it goes up

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Notthebloodygym Thu 02-Jan-20 22:28:30

That might help.

When I had the results from mine, it turned out I had a huge spike at 830 and 4.00pm, in keeping with the beginning and end of the school day 😄

purpleme12 Thu 02-Jan-20 22:38:48

I reckon mine are going to be high actually :-(

I can't imagine it's having trouble with the reading each time so I think it's going to say it's high
I don't know why it would be high?
I have got a bit more used to it as the day goes on although still don't like it blowing up and the tightness makes me not like it

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purpleme12 Fri 03-Jan-20 09:35:47

Well I did it! Managed to keep it on the 24 hours feel like that's an achievement in itself as it was absolutely awful towards the end. Doctor is going to have a look and call me if they need to. But I have a horrible feeling it will be high

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Notthebloodygym Fri 03-Jan-20 09:56:56

Well done on getting through it! Try not to stress until you see the result.

If it's high, you may be one of those people who can lower it with lifestyle change, if you need to make any.

Staying within your BMI, low salt, daily cardio exercise (even walking), and low fat duet all help. Not smoking or drinking much too. All these things got me off BP medication within a year of starting it.

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