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Contraception-Anyone else been nagged by FP to go on the pill?

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Nymphadora Mon 27-Aug-07 14:46:54

I have high BP and strong history of migraines also had problems in the past when on th epill so why do they keep offering?

Gp does the same.I took the MAP a couple of weeks ago and cried for 3 weeks so don't want to take anything hormonal again, so why do they keep trying to persuade me?

Pitchounette Mon 27-Aug-07 15:12:48

Message withdrawn

Nymphadora Mon 27-Aug-07 15:25:19

I went for a coil put in last week and was very painful and they had to stop.They moved on to the pill pushing again when I was still laying on the bed crying.

The nurse seemed to get my point when I explained about the MAP but the Dr carried on!

Pitchounette Mon 27-Aug-07 16:52:38

Message withdrawn

Pitchounette Mon 27-Aug-07 16:53:23

Message withdrawn

Nymphadora Mon 27-Aug-07 18:50:22

No was a woman Dr. One of th eother problems I have (well had) was that I was incredibly broody and couldn't actually trust myself to take the pill anyway blush at least with condoms my bf plays a part!

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