Need some help with tennis elbow

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Gingernaut Tue 31-Dec-19 18:14:28

Will be going to a gym induction tomorrow, I'll ask there...

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Gingernaut Tue 31-Dec-19 15:32:04

In the last three months, I've started a new job.

Much more active than my previous, sedentary job, requiring greater physical effort and lifting and handling a variety of objects, both large, small, light and heavy.

I have developed tennis elbow in my 'good', left hand, which is affecting everything.

The tasks are mainly right handed, but my left hand is affecting everything outside of work as well as inside.

I don't want to call attention to it, really don't want to lose my job on capability grounds and can't wear a brace.

I can get through a day with relatively little trouble, con myself that it's getting better and then reach for a small item on a shop shelf on my way home and my elbow hurts like hell.

Are there any exercises to do? Any exercises to avoid?

I don't want to bother my GP this early, when the advice seems to be rest and painkillers.

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